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Matt Hicks: “Hopefully one of the tools in the tool bag gets the job done!”

On Saturday, May 29th, undefeated amateur standout, Matt Hicks of Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts, transitions from the amateur circuit into his highly anticipated professional debut. Hicks will be stepping in on two weeks’ notice at CFFC 97 to take on Kyle Broadwater on the Facebook Preliminary portion of the card.

Hicks, no stranger to the spotlight, has been competing for as long as he can remember. “My father was a very successful wrestler,” Hicks recalls. “So that’s (training/competing) the only thing that I know,” he says.

Hicks’ team at Crazy 88 has a long-running history of staying in fight shape to step up when needed. During the unprecedented times of the Covid-19 global pandemic, Hicks knew he was ready to make the pro leap. He just needed to stay sharp, focused, and consistent for such opportunities as this upcoming bout to present themselves.

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity, says Hicks. “We were trying to get on a big promotion for a while now so it seemed like short notice was the best avenue to go, waiting for an opponent to drop out and fill a slot. That’s why we stayed ready the whole time.”

Despite having a winless record, Hicks was very realistic discussing his opponent and the capability of any fighter on any given night. “We know that this guy is a very dangerous opponent as well. I mean it’s a fight at the end of the day,” Hicks says. “You could always get hit with a big bomb. He may have sneaky submissions or he just might be a grinder,” Hicks says. “We’re expecting the guy to be in very good shape. We expect him to be big and strong so obviously looking for big punches. And you never know. His last fight was a year ago also so I’m sure he’s had some skill development so we’re just ready,” he confidently expresses.

Once the dust settles and the bell sounds, “hopefully one of the tools in the tool bag gets the job done,” Hicks humbly suggests about the outcome as he prepares for a “very active” professional career.

Tune in above to hear from Crazy 88’s Matt Hicks as he joins MyMMANews news just days before stepping into the CFFC cage for his professional mixed martial arts debut. We discuss his opponent, Kyle Broadwater, his trip to Vegas to corner UFC fighter and fellow teammate, Matt Semelsberger, making his pro debut at age 31 and more!

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