Can Mcgregor take advantage of Mayweather's main flaw? Is there one?

Can McGregor take advantage of Mayweather’s main flaw? Is there one?

Ahead of Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McgGregor on August 26, the narrative has been presented to us that Mayweather has trouble with southpaws.

Is this true?

Dana White’s said it, Skip Bayless has said it, and a slew of sports media members have regurgitated that same line time and time again. Hell, my mother stopped by my house yesterday to tell me Floyd has trouble with southpaws.

Has anyone actually done their research to see if this is true?

The quick answer to counter that is: “Well Floyd has never lost to a southpaw, so how much trouble can they really be?”

Where’s the proof that substantiates the claim Floyd has problems with southpaws and their main weapon, the left hand, which we all know is Conor McGregor’s tool of devastation?

In this video we compare Conor’s main weapon, his left hand, vs. the punches that supposedly give Floyd problems. We also take a look at highlights from Mayweather’s last three opponents who were southpaws and make small step toward answering the question if Floyd really has a problem with southpaws. Enjoy!

Can McGregor take advantage?

-Blake “Moneyblakeweather”

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The biggest fight of the year goes down on pay-per-view, August 26.  Tune in.

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