Meet Jessica Whitesell - Maverick MMA's newest ring card girl

Meet Jessica Whitesell – Maverick MMA’s newest ring card girl

Maverick MMA promoters will hold Maverick 11 this Saturday, January 12 at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. We caught up with the promotion’s newest ring card girl, Jessica Whitesell ahead of the event.

Get to know Jessica Whitesell

How old are you?

“I am 31 years old, turning 32 in July. My birthday is 7/7/87 so 7 has always been my lucky number.”

What do you do for a living?

‘I work full time at a hair salon (The Arrangement Salon and Day Spa in Ledgewood, NJ) I am a licensed esthetician (I do facials, waxing, makeup and eyelash extensions) as well as a salon coordinator.”

Have you ever been a ring card girl before?

“I have never been a ring girl before!!”

What are your expectations?

“I am going into this hoping that it will open doors for future opportunity and honestly just to have a good time, I get the best seat in the house ringside”

Have you ever done any modeling before? If so, where?

“No modeling history. Just something I never pursued but was always told since I was young that I should because of my height and figure. I am hoping that events like this Saturday will help get me out there and noticed! I would love to go the route of fitness modeling.”

How did this new position come about for you?

“So this position started out as kind of a joke. My friend Christina who I train with (she is mutually friends with Jenn and Willy (Sisca) (the promoters) as well) and I were talking one day at the salon while I was waxing her eyebrows. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and was looking for something to keep me busy on the nights that I don’t have my boys (sons) and hey if I can make extra money great. She works at a restaurant in town and figured I could help her out. We were going back and forth trying to get our schedules to match up and finally she was like, ‘I got it!’ She goes you need to text Willy’s wife Jenny and tell her you want to be their new ring girl! I honestly laughed it off but still decided to reach out and almost instantly I got a message back from Jenny saying ‘Done, we would love to have you!’ And the rest is history!”

Any hesitations?

“As far as any hesitations, I was a little on the fence about the attire, being a mom of two and someone who has a lot of self respect. I didn’t want to give people the wrong impression. But the way I look at it is that its honestly no different then being in a bathing suit at the beach and just more incentive to train hard and stay in shape. I will bring nothing but class that night!”

Do you train in any martial arts?

“I train Jiu-Jitsu three days a week at Core in Stanhope, NJ under the instruction of Dave Ross. I started back in August and am a white belt with one stripe. I am obsessed, I love it! I was supposed to compete back in December but the event was cancelled due to low enrollment. I plan to compete Feb. 3 through Grappling Industries in Secaucus, NJ.”

Are you a big fan of MMA? If so, who are some of your favorite fighters?

“I have always loved MMA ever since I was in high school. Back then UFC was the big deal so I followed that a lot. Not that I named him after him, but I was always a fan of Quinton “rampage” Jackson and loved his name, so my younger son’s name is Quinton. I am old school, I like Randy Couture, GSP, there are so many new faces now-a-days that its hard to keep up! I have to say I’m always a sucker for the female fights. Seeing the girls go at it, you know its going to be a show, guys fight girls take it personal!”

Single, boyfriend, married?

“I met my ex husband when I was 15 (first guy to ever ask me out) Had my first son at 21. Had my second son right before I turned 26 and got married a month later. I was married just shy of 5 years before getting divorced last year. I started dating someone else towards the tail end of the divorce (who was also into MMA and fought pro last October for CFFC in Atlantic City). We broke up right before Christmas. So I am a single women.”


“I have 2 boys and they are my world!! My older son Juventino (Juve for short) will be 11 in August and my younger son Quinton will be 6 in April. I am happiest when with my kids especially now that their father and I are divorced, we share joint custody so I only get them half the week and that was a big adjustment for me. I learn to make the best of the time we have!”

Jessica Whitesell and her boys
Jessica Whitesell and her boys Juventino and Quinton

What do you look for in a guy?

“Now that I am single for the first time in 15 years, I honestly plan to enjoy it! What I look for in a man? Tall, dark and handsome! I have always had a thing for spanish guys because I love their food, culture and I love to dance!! The height is a big thing for me though. I am 6 foot tall and need someone at least my height if not taller!! You have to be put together, have goals and be good to my kids. I am open though honestly. Most importantly I have to be able to trust you. Trust is the foundation of any relationship whether it be a friendship or a relationship and without it there is nothing.”

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Any gift suggestions for the guys out there to get for their woman?

“Valentines day is overrated! Treat your women good everyday, the key to success in a marriage… a happy wife = a happy life!!”

What is the best movie you saw in 2018?

“I honestly am terrible with movies. I don’t really have the time to sit down and watch them and half the time I fall asleep and forget what they were about anyway! And lets be real, 99% of what I do watch is kid related anyhow so I guess you could say any of the Hotel Transylvania movies. I believe there was one that came out this past year.”

What are some of the songs/artists your Pandora or iHeartRadio playlists?

“I am a total music girl!! I would rather listen to music than watch tv and will a lot of times relate it to my mood or something personal going on in my life. I go anywhere from Drake to the Beatles and everything in between. The only thing I cannot, I repeat cannot stand is country!”

Where can fans follow you on social media?

“I am on Facebook as Jessica Whitesell and instagram @mommy_long_legs

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Jessica Whitesell
Jessica Whitesell – Photo by Olga Alvarez
Jessica Whitesell
Jessica Whitesell – Photo by Olga Alvarez