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Meet LFA’s Alandria Brown, who feels CSW changed her career: “I’m actually a real fighter, that knows how to fight now”

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Meet LFA’s newest signee, Alandria Brown, who will make her professional debut for the promotion on May 14th. At first glance, the 1-3 amateur record may have you questioning the elite promotion, but take a deeper dive into the 26 year old’s journey. Brown moved to California to further her mixed martial arts career, which began from a boxing class in high school. Now a member of Erik Paulson’s CSW Training Center, Brown felt it was the perfect time to showcase her newly polished skills, this time in professional form.

“I’m actually a real fighter that knows how to fight now,” Brown laughed. “I moved to California, wanted to fight. I had the heart, the work ethic, but didn’t really have the knowledge, just went in there to bang and to fight,” Brown continued. “Now I actually know how to fight, know so much, it’s a whole different fighter.”

Under her head coach, Ben Jones, Brown feels she has revolutionized herself, calling her career a “180” since the move to California. On May 14th, she will meet another debutee in the professional ranks, Shania Arredondo. Brown is most focused on being the perfect version of herself on fight night, rather than her opponents game-plan.

“I’ve definitely been watching film on her,” Brown stated. “If she’s the same fighter, I mean you never know, someone watches my amateur fights, what they expect is not the same. We are preparing, we have a game-plan, I’m going to be the best version of myself.”

Brown is hopeful to stay busy, and even burn out her 3 fight contract with LFA in the summer and fall of 2021. The first fight is set for the CSW product, and Brown has a prediction that will have fans not wanting to miss her pro debut.

“It’s going to be a 1st round finish,” Brown told MyMMANews. “I don’t know what the finish is going to be, but it’s definitely going to be over in the first round.”

Catch the full interview with LFA’s newest signee, we chat about her friendship with Kay Hansen, her martial arts beginning, and some “Good Vibes”.

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