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Men Of War 11 Night Of Champions Results

Men Of War 11 – Night Of Champions Results

Men Of War 11

When: Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 6 pm EST.

Where: iPlay America in Freehold, NJ

How To Watch: – Order and watch below for $14.99

Dead Serious MMA Promotions will host Men of War 11 Night of Champions at the iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey on October 30th.

This card is stacked with 40 matches and 10 title fights!

Doors Open at 5pm and first match is at 6:00 pm. You don’t want to miss this action packed night of grappling on the pro stage!

Results below…

Title Match: Bout 51- 125lb Black Belt Nogi: Davis Zennario vs. Justin Stabley: Davis Zennario winner by

Title Match: Bout 50- 200lb Brown Belt Nogi: Rob Souza vs. Andrew Jones: Rob Souza winner by

Bout 49- 160lb Blue Belt Nogi: Mathew Miranda vs. Christian Jones: Matthew Miranda winner by

Bout 48- 195lb Purple Belt Nogi: Fredo Pimintel vs. Orlando Ramirez: Fredo Pimintel winner by

Bout 47- 145lb Purple Belt Nogi: Matt Gosline vs. Lowell Talbot: Lowepl Talbot winner by Decision. 

Bout 46- 160lb Brown Belt Nogi: Jon Stottlemyer vs. Vinnie Antonazzi: Vinnie Antonazzi winner by Heel Hook. 

Bout 45- 170lb Blue Belt Nogi: Josh Francis vs. Ben Martinez:

Bout 44- 140lb Blue Belt Nogi: Alex Rykowski vs. Austin Yalowitz: Austin Yalowitz winner by Decision. 

Bout 43- 150lb Blue Belt Nogi: Vincent Pagnotta vs. Carlos Lopez: Vincent Pagnotta winner by Decision. 

Title Match: Bout 42- 145lb Purple Belt Nogi: Billy Pedro vs. Josh Baker: Billy Pedro winner by Decision. 

Bout 41- 165lb Purple Belt Nogi: Greg Schmalzel vs. Andrew Valencia: Greg Schmalzel winner by Rear Naked Choke.

Bout 40- 245lb Blue Belt Nogi: Marquel Peace vs. Ryan Cottrell: Ryan Cottrell winner by Decision.

Bout 39- 155lb Brown Belt Nogi- Leo Alves vs. Vinnie Antonazzi: Leo Alves winner by Armbar. 

Bout 38- 165lb Purple Belt Gi: Gene Basant vs. Mike Westcott: Gene Basant winner by Decision. 

Bout 37- 155lb Blue Belt Nogi: Billie McMahon vs. David Harris: Billie McMahon winner by Decision. 

Bout 36- 170lb Purple Belt Nogi: Claudio Corbellini vs. Doug Forte: Claudio Corbellini winner by Triangle Choke.

Bout 35- 160lb Blue Belt Gi: Jessica Sanchez vs. Victoria Pisano: Jessica Sanchez winner by Decision. 

Bout 34- 150lb Purple Belt Nogi: Isom Sims vs. Baruch Kahan: Baruch Kahan winner by Decision. 

Bout 33- 155lb Blue Belt Gi: Conner Malif vs. Cole Cameron: Conner Malif winner by Decision. 

Bout 32- 145lb Blue Belt Nogi: Zack Yauch vs. Wesam Saleh: Wesam Saleh winner by Rear Naked Choke. 

Title Match: Bout 31- 170lb Brown Belt Nogi:George Pavlonnis vs. Jon Crow: George Pavlonnis winner by D’arce Choke. 

Bout 30- 195lb Blue Belt Nogi: Christopher Garcia vs. Justin Worthy: Justin Worthy winner by Decision. 

Bout 29- 125 Blue Belt Nogi: Trista Klein vs. Jane Barnes: Trista Klein winner by Kneebar. 

Bout 28- 205lb Blue Belt Nogi: Jeffery Taylor vs. Francis Goffredo: Jeffery Taylor winner by Decision. 

Bout 27- 200 Purple Belt Gi: Ryan Kerbal vs. Dan Czarnaki: Ryan Kerbal winner by Decision. 

Bout 26- 120lb Blue Belt Nogi: Jeevanie Liliah vs. Brooke Laverty: Brooke Laverty winner by Decision 

Bout 25- 185lb Purple Belt Gi: Juan Gomez vs. Dave Wocik: Dave Wocik winner by Decision.

Bout 24- 145lb Blue Belt Nogi: Damien Maver vs. Steve Piszar: Damien Maver winner by Decision. 

Bout 23- 155lb Purple Belt Nogi: Joe Gonzalez vs. Patrick Hampson: Joe winner by Heel Hook. 

Bout 22- 125lb Blue Belt Gi: Gabriela Mignone vs. Majessa Louder: Gabriela Mignone winner by Armbar. 

Bout 21- 235 Blue Belt Gi: Edwin Echevarria vs. Rob Walder: Rob Walder winner by Decision. 

Title Match: Bout 20- 145lb Purple Nogi: Diana Karavas vs. Erin Cruiksh: Erin Cruiksh winner by Decision. 

Bout 19- 145lb Blue Belt Nogi: John Loor vs. Sam Buckley: Sam Buckley winner by Decision. 

Bout 18- 135lb Blue Belt Nogi: Louis Salomon Jr. vs. Omar Farouk: Omar Farouk winner by Decision. 

Bout 17- 145lb Advanced Teen Nogi: Matt Masche vs. Liam Zeh: Liam Zeh winner by Toe Hold.

Bout 16- 185lb Blue Belt Nogi: Heberto Espinosa vs. Kevin Donegan: Kevin Donegan winner by Triangle Choke.

Bout 15- 175lb Green Belt Nogi: Morgan Peterson vs. Collin French: Morgan Peterson winner by Decision. 

Bout 14- 120lb Purple Belt Nogi: Renee Cimino vs. Tara Recisino: Renee Cimino winner by Decision. 

Bout 13- 145lb Blue Belt Gi: Payton Coyle vs. Joe Feidan: Joe Feidan winner by Armbar. 

Bout 12- 175lb Blue Belt Nogi: Alexander Genao vs. Yanni Loor: Yani Loor winner by Decision.

Bout 11- 170lb Blue Belt Nogi: Dan Lawson vs. Maxwell Lemos: Maxwell Lemos winner by Arm Triangle Choke.

Bout 10- 125lb Blue Belt Nogi: Lillian Ramos vs. Hannah Rosario: Liliana Ramos winner by Armbar. 

Bout 9- 60lb Grey Belt Nogi: Tobias Maltaris vs. Hunter Crowley: Hunter Crowley winner by Armbar. 

Title Match: Bout 8- 135lb Advanced Teen Nogi: Frank Miranda vs. Elliott Pocovos: Elliott Pocovos winner by Decision. 

Bout 7- 185lb Blue Belt Nogi:  Frank Schoch vs. Carlos Torres: Carlos Torres winner by Decision. 

Bout 6- 135lb White Belt: Angelo Sullo vs. Reed Jesomek: Angelo Sullo winner by Decision. 

Bout 5- 70lb Green Nogi:  Cole Maver vs. Jack Kneller: Cole Maver winner by Decision. 

Bout 4- 103lb Advanced Teen Nogi: Vince Kline vs. Joshua Flores: Vince Kline winner by Decision. 

Title Match: Bout 3- 145lb Grey Belt Nogi: Ryan Hinkle vs. Joshua Jorgge: Joshua Jorgge winner by Triangle Choke.

Bout 2- 103lb Yellow Belt Gi: Jackson Palmerchuck vs. Aiden Don: Jackson Palmerchuck winner by Triangle Choke.

Bout 1- 80lb Grey Belt Nogi: Izzy Hinkle vs. Anna Kneller: Anna Kneller winner by Triangle Choke. 


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