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Metamoris 4 Results, Galvao taps Sonnen, Barnett first to tap Lister in 16 years

Metamoris 4 Results, Galvao taps Sonnen, Barnett first to tap Lister in 16 years

Metamoris 4 took place at the  Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, Calif., and the event was broadcast live via online PPV.

For those new to the Metamoris competition there are no points.  The only way a competitor can win a bout is via submission.

The first bout of the evening was Kit Dale vs. Garry Lee Tonon.  Tonon worked a heel hook and knee bar attempt early in the round but Dale worked his way out of it but eventually got caught in a guillotine choke just about four minutes into the bout.  Dale eventually tapped and after the contest Tonon stated he would like a bout with Kron Gracie at Metamoris 5.

Saulo Ribeiro and Rodrigo Medeiros competed in a rematch in M4’s second bout of the evening and the only competition on the card where both competitors are wearing a gi.  Medeiros lost the first pairing of the two competitors.  This was a dream match up for jiu-jitsu fans as these two men are both widely respected and decorated in the sport.  After more than 13 minutes of standing and battling one another in the takedown arena Ribeiro finally pulled guard.  The match got interesting from there as each worked for submission and sweeps however in the end the competition ended in a draw as it reached the 20 minute time limit.

Vinny Magalhães came off an extremely long layoff that resulted after he came down with a very dangerous and fast spreading Staph infection.  He would compete against Keenan Cornelius in the third competition on the night’s card.  Cornelius pulled guard immediately as the round started.

The variety of leg attacks from Magalhães and Cornelius was insane.  Magalhães bent Cornelius’ heel completely backwards and a lesser man would have tapped.  Not him.  Instead Cornelius gave Magalhães a thumbs up and worked his own attempt.

Magalhães was having a difficult time passing the guard of Cornelius and frustration began to set in.  Magalhães is extremely flexible however if points did represent the fight’s outcome, Cornelius would likely get the nod.  In the end, the contest ended in the night’s second draw.

The fourth match of the night revealed the coveted SECRET MATCH and the first competitor unlocked was Baret Yoshida.  The other competitor……..the Metamoris commentator, Jeff Glover.   Glover took off his suit, leaving co-commentator Kenny Florian at the table, and took the stage opposite Yoshida.

Glover made the transition look easy.  The suit came off and he worked with Yoshida for 20 minutes, attack to attack.  Unorthodox as he may be, Glover worked for victory.  He immediately purposely gave up his back so that he could work reversals and submission attempts.  It was as if he had no respect for the credibility his opponent brought to the table…..but he did.  That’s just Glover’s style.  The fight was extremely entertaining yet it too resulted in a draw.

UFC veterans Josh Barnett and Dean Lister served in the heavyweight title match and co-main event of the evening.  If Barnett was ever doubted as being a submission specialist or even being in a competition with someone by the likes of Dean Lister those thoughts should be thrown out the window.  Barnett dominated Lister and ended up tapping him with just 15 seconds left in the bout.  To prove how big a notch in the belt this is for Barnett, Lister has not tapped since 1998.

-André Galvão vs. Chael Sonnen

In the main event, Sonnen received a cut over his right eye early on and the fight was temporarily stopped. Sonnen held his own for ten plus minutes using his wrestling to keep Galvao at bay.  After ten minutes however the tide turned as Galvao got Sonnen’s back and worked a rear naked choke for several minutes switching up the arm hooked under the chin.  In the end, Sonnen tapped with roughly six minutes left in the bout.

It is still undetermined if the NSAC will continue to move forward with the $250,000 fine they threatened Sonnen with earlier this week.

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