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Michael Bisping explains what Lawler did wrong against Colby Covington

Robbie Lawler was dominated by Colby Covington at UFC Newark as he couldn’t get anything going. “Chaos” won all five rounds, as he threw over 500 strikes and attempted almost 20 takedowns.

For many on the outside, they believed Lawler’s gameplan was wrong, and that includes Michael Bisping. The UFC Hall of Famer detailed what his game plan should have been and what many things he did wrong in the fight.

“I was like, man, come on Robbie, throw something. ‘Cause Robbie’s an old-school guy, so I always cheer for those guys. But listen, I actually said to [my son] Callum, ‘It’s easier said than done.’ I’ve been in there with guys that try to take you down and it does prevent you from throwing shots – certainly when the person’s throwing back at you at a high volume rate,” Bisping said on his Believe You Me podcast.

“You have to defend those shots, you have to slip them, and then they’re shooting in for takedowns. You stress out about the takedown. Because that’s how he was losing the fight. He was taken down and controlled a lot. And he was trying to take his back as he got back to his feet and things like that.

“It is easier said than done because I’ve been in there and I know for a fact it is. But still, you know, credit to Covington – fantastic, but I’m telling you now, he could have thrown more shots than he did. He kind of shelled up a little bit, he did.

“It became too obsessed with defending a takedown and ready to get an under hook, or whatever you call it. Whatever you want to do, whatever your chosen method of defending the takedown is, he was too busy or concerned with doing that than actually throwing shots.”

Regardless, it is in the past now, and Robbie Lawler can’t do anything about it.

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