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Mind Lab Pro Review (I Tried It for 30 Days) Here's What Happened

Mind Lab Pro Review (I Tried It for 30 Days) Here’s What Happened

Mind Lab Pro enjoys the top spot as a powerful Nootropic for its ability to boost your brain power. It is a smart drug that has proven its mettle with a bunch of unique botanical extracts and dietary ingredients. These agents are fused into easy-to-swallow pills that are speedily digested by the system to accommodate some brain’s multifaceted needs. Manufactured by Opti-Nutra, the supplement favors every cognitive process through a natural course. However, it is specifically sought for its powers to enhance concentration, memory, mood, and mental energy.

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Amidst the everyday increasing chaos in the world, something that suffers most is our cognitive health. Especially in this pandemic-stricken time when the world seems to end anytime, the instability sucks our mental power to the core.

In addition to the environmental stress, factors that also take a toll are poor lifestyle choices, insomnia, and genetics. However, regardless of the cause, the pressure to put our 100% in our jobs, academic performance, and sports never declines.

Sadly enough, our diets have never been nutritious enough to help us with the minerals, glucose, and vitamins needed for optimum brain functioning. Hence, people in the older times have resorted to herbs and spices offering parallel nutritional value for their mental health. As of today, the advancement in science and research has gathered these plant-derived substances and named them Smart Drugs!

Yes, Smart Drugs encompasses the contemporary science of using dietary supplements to enhance the cognitive power. These supplements are based on herbal extracts and dietary ingredients aiming to help you with your brain performance. But in spite of the growing popularity and demand of Nootropics in the current times, not all offer the value and quality you desire. One that does and has stood the test of times to make its way to the top is Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro is a dedicated Smart Drug that works through the power of 11 nootropic agents. It is a natural brain booster that works to upgrade the cognitive function by following six, distinctive bio-pathways. Essentially, the dietary supplement is popular in athletes, professionals, and students. The reason for this lies in the fact that it helps them face and triumph those cut throat competitions that require extreme focus, problem-solving skills, and the ability to multitask.

This write-up aims to specify the ingredients, dosages, expected effects, side effects, and the procedure of Mind Lab Pro. By the end, the potential buyers can better judge if it is the right Nootropic they are looking for!


The presence of Mind Lab Pro, the dietary supplement is not new to the ones that have an in-depth understanding of the Smart Drug market. With the reputation as the world’s first Universal Nootropic, the formula comes handy for anyone seeking support for cognitive problems.

Essentially, the product is created by Opti-Nutra Limited, the UK-based manufacturers that are known for their finest nutritional supplements. Mind Lab Pro focuses on boosting bioavailability to nurture the brain health, which indicates that it’s not just about the mental strength, but the wellness as well. The product aims every age group and every cognitive activity including:

  • Memory retention
  • Clarity of thoughts
  • Focus and concentration
  • Creative functioning
  • Attention span
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Motivation

Mind Lab Pro steps forward with its perfect set of nutrients to favor professionals with their work efficiency. For that, it augments their ability to concentrate while ensuring they are not clouded with indecisiveness. It boosts their potency of critical thinking and problem solving, giving them a much-needed edge in competitions.

For older adults seeking the dietary formula for their day-to-day tasks, Mind Lab Pro works no less of a savior. It enhances their standard of life through working on their memory, frame of mind, grip on communication, and mental clarity.

Likewise, the dietary supplement meets the expectations of sportsmen and athletes seeking accuracy in focus, clear-cut memory, and peace of mind, decisiveness, motivation, and strategic thinking to outperform. For those willing to do their best in their academics, it helps with attentiveness, learning and faster processing of information. But for all, Mind Lab Pro works like a stress buster that serves as a cause of weak cognitive performance.


Owing to the quality and purity offered by Mind Lab Pro, the dietary formula has received an approval from FDA. Its GMP certificate proves its safety whereas qualities justifying its position on the top are:

  • It is a fast-acting, high quality fusion of 11 brain-boosting nootropics for young and aged
  • It is a broad-spectrum smart drug highly favorable for the mental health, functioning and performance
  • It is made in the US by Opti-Nutra Limited and delivered across the globe
  • It is approved by Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA) in US and has received GMP certification
  • It is purely made of natural ingredients that are extensively supported by independent research
  • It is equally effective for brain fog and neurodegenerative diseases
  • The formula is encapsulated in easy to swallow, digestible pills
  • There is no side effect or possibility of tolerance and addiction
  • The purchase is complemented with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • It is extremely suitable for vegans as it contains vegan-friendly ingredients packed in natural vegan Nutricaps


Mind Lab Pro is designed to deliver a series of benefits you may need to cope up with this competitive world. Its mechanism of action is simple. It works through 6 distinctive pathways that ideally work to strengthen your mental power while ensuring optimum cognitive functioning. These are:

  • Paces the rate of neural connections:

This is all about brain chemistry that results in boosting memory and the capacity to multi-task

  • Ensures a healthy supply of nutrients to the brain:

This is essential for the energy our brain needs. Moreover, it eliminates brain fog and exhaustion while equally giving your focus an advantage

  • Repairs damaged brain cells for regeneration:

Oxidative stress can damage brain cells and hence, repairing become essential for re-wiring and productivity

  • Oxygenates and purges toxins from the brain:

Oxygen is imperative for every bodily organ as it transports nutrients. Of course, our brain is no exception. With proper supply of oxygen and nutrients, the brain functions and signals well

  • Opposes structural abnormalities triggered by aging:

Protecting our brain from degradation can help us prevent delusions, disordered speech, problems with thinking, and poor motivation

  • Augments the making of brain chemicals:

Increasing brain waves can benefit your learning and creativity and the dietary supplement is best in this job

Overall, Mind Lab Pro works to maximize brainpower. From mental health to protection and from cognitive function to performance, it gives more than you expect.


Every ingredient that adds to the formulation of Mind Lab Pro is derived from some unique and premium natural sources. Therefore, the manufacturers pay a strong emphasis on the safety of this supplement.

In addition to the FDA and GMP certified possession, they claim that their product has been subjected to several testing and analysis conducted in third-part labs.

Some of its active ingredients and their concentration per serving are:

  • Vitamin B6- 2.5 mg:

It is incorporated for its efficiency to regulate brain development while contributing to the health of nervous system. In older adults, it helps with proper functioning of the brain and the making of serotonin and norepinephrine. Essentially, these are the hormones that aid in normalizing mood and dealing with stress

  • Vitamin B9- 100 mcg:

You need Vitamin B9 for your mental, as well as emotional health. It is the folic acid that aids in the healthy functioning of brain and the making of red blood cells. With higher R.B.C traffic, the process of brain oxygenation becomes smooth and uninterrupted

  • Vitamin B12- 7.5mcg:

The specific form of vitamin B is also known as Cobalamin. The multi-purpose vitamin has a great input in the development and function of brain. Its effects further elaborate to nurture blood nerve cells and the making of DNA. Interestingly, some highly professional neurologists in the world recommend Cobalamin in addressing problems like poor memory, focus, mood and energy

  • Citicoline -250mg:

Citicoline comes to the rescue of the aged that are gradually losing their memory and the ability to solve problems. It is often a part of treatment plans sketched for the patients of Alzheimer, Parkinson and Bipolar disorder

  • Bacopa Monnieri- 150mg:

Bacopa Monnieri has a great significance in the Ayurvedic medicine because of its contribution in treating several health-related problems for centuries. However, its role in the Nootropic is to enhance memory, control anxiety, and reverse epilepsy. According to research, the plant extract can positively influence brain function and ease stress to a significant point

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom- 500mg:

Extracted from a white, bushy mushroom, the ingredient in Mind Lab Pro is high in anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting and antioxidant powers. Researchers endorse its efficacy in preventing dementia while suggesting that the agent can lower the signs of depression and restore nerve damage

  • Phosphatidylserine100mg:

It is another nootropic weaving magic for people encountering the problems of old age. Phosphatidylserine basically inhibits the loss of memory and the weakening of mental power. As a matter of fact, research suggests that it can heighten up cognitive strength and help with mood and focus

Other nootropics that also add to the performance of Mind Lab Pro are N-Acetyle L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, and Maritime Pine Bark Extract. As stated, the supplement is free from synthetic and preservative agents that we know; spark the risk of side effects. Thus, it can perfectly adjust to your lifestyle for the health and brilliance you seek in your mental performance.


Your expectations should begin the time you feel you are taking adequate efforts for your mental health. For example, you have replaced all the junk and unhealthy foods with nutritious ones in your diet.  Taking enough sunlight and sleep has become a crucial part of your everyday routine. You are performing moderate exercises everyday and are no longer abusing alcohol or taking drugs. Only then, you can look forward to the following changes from the regular dose of this brain booster:

  • Better memory, attention, focus
  • Increased circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the neurons
  • Boosted mental energy and strength
  • Polished creativity and critical thinking
  • Removal of brain fog and confusion
  • Clarity of thoughts and communication
  • Proper maintenance of your brain’s structural integrity
  • Keeping neurons from untimely aging
  • Prevention of stress and stability in mood
  • Improved brain health today and tomorrow


There is no novelty in the concept of using botanical and vitamins obtained from naturally-occurring sources. It in fact, dates back to centuries when research was limited and people were uninformed. The only difference today is that the advancement in medicine has taken the lead and gathered these substances into one. After extensive testing and trials, these turned into formulas that you and I use for one purpose or the other.

Mind Lab Pro is one of the kinds. A kind that steps ahead with a strong backing of research performed on every ingredient, combination and as a recipe. Hence, we doubt Mind Lab Pro to trigger any complication. Since the dietary blend does not contain soy, gluten, caffeine, and additives, it can be tolerated by all.

Besides, there are few warnings for you to consider as an attempt to make your experience, a super safer one:

  • Neither this, nor any other dietary supplement is a cure for any mental disease. While it can ease the symptoms to a degree, it should not be considered an absolute treatment plan
  • Overdosing is discouraged. The daily dosage should not go over 2 pills a day
  • Under any circumstances, the nootropic should not be taken by expecting and lactating mothers. In such a case, the supplement could affect the natural changes undergoing within their body
  • The dietary value of the supplement may not be tolerated by people under 18. Hence, it should be avoided by the minors
  • The Smart Drug is equally opposed for people with severe medical conditions due to the chances of cross-reaction


To get your hands on the genuine recipe of Mind Lab Pro, you must avoid unauthorized online channels and visit the official website of this Nootropic. In addition to the authenticity, choosing the official website will favor you with discounted prices and Money Back Guarantee you may not find elsewhere.

Besides, a single box of Mind Lab Pro is filled with 60 pills in total, making 30 Days supply. However, the packages available for the buyers based on the preference of supply and discounts are:

  • 1 Box (1 Month supply) is for $69, delivered through Fast Shipping across the world
  • 2 Boxes (2 Months supply) is for $138, delivered through Fast Shipping across the world
  • 3 Boxes (3 Months supply)+ 1 box free is for $207, delivered through Fast and Free Shipping across the world


The company has 30 Days- risk free refund policy for every valuable buyer investing its money and faith. During this period, users can use and judge its efficacy. In case of unsatisfactory results, the buyer is entitled for a full product refund, without the shipping of course!


Many times, our natural potency to focus and memorize loses against this highly stressful world. Competitions appear tougher than ever and necessary information slips out of the mind as a repercussion of aging.

But there is no shame in the game of seeking a little assistance to cope up with the pressure. With natural solutions like Mind Lab Pro, things get even better and simpler!

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