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MMA fighter, Mike Dragich, Captures Massive Alligator Outside Elementary School

Mike Dragich, 33, an amateur mixed martial artist with a 2-2 record, wrangled a 10-foot alligator outside of a Florida elementary school.  Watch the video above.

Dragich, a Florida trapper, known as the “Blue Collar Brawler,” engaged in a fierce battle with the gator as children at the school cheered him on. Eventually, he managed to pin the alligator down after grabbing the beast’s tail.

Dragich got the call about a nuisance gator roaming the campus of Northwestern Legends Elementary School in Jacksonville on the night of May 21. When he arrived, there was a crowd of neighbors alongside police and firefighters.

“I felt like Batman. … These people were scared to death of this alligator,” Dragich said.

“There’s nothing that gets the juices flowing and the adrenaline pumping quite like messing with a big alligator, but what I was doing was getting him tired. You’ve got to get these animals tired, or they can really hurt you,” the trapper said.

Eventually Dragich had to put the alligator down because he was aggressive but plans to provide the community with the meat to eat.

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