My MMA News – New York State Featherweight Amateur MMA Rankings

Featherweight Rankings
Alex Oliveira Celebrating after his victory over Jason Olcott at Triton Fights 2. (Photo Credit: Joe LoBianco)

This is the first set of New York State Featherweight amateur rankings we have created. Please, if you have been left off please contact the creator of the rankings by emailing us at I assure you it was a mistake.

Ranking Criteria:

  1. You have to live in the state of New York in order to be considered for these rankings.
  2. You have to fight within the state of New York at one of the numerous promotions Upstate or on Long Island.
  3. Wins, Losses, Draws, No Contest, (T)KO’s, Submissions, and Titles all are factored into the equation to formulate your RANK POWER.
  4. The higher your RANK POWER, the higher you will be ranked.

Please let us know how you like this piece and be sure to Follow us on social media at @MyMMANews. Other weight classes are on the way. Please be patient. As of now, NYS Welterweight is Ranked, NYS Lightweight is Ranked, and this is NYS Featherweight Rankings.

(Photo Credit: Joe LoBianco, Cover Photo: CCS Photography.)