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Mom’s Beef Jerky – CrAsian has us craving for more

Andy Nguyen (6-8) is well-known in the mixed martial arts community, whether is be for her outgoing personality, award-winning fight entrances, steamy hot social media pictures, or her near 10-years of competition in combat sports, the “CrAsian” has a following.

However, even with all those accolades, she’s still not the star of the family. Nope, not even close….. That award goes to her mother, Chi The.

Nguyen’s mother, a native of Vietnam, has won me over with some of the best beef jerky that I have ever had in my life….. and it is aptly called “Mom’s Beef Jerky.”

For a chubby guy like me, there are several food groups I consider myself an expert in and must indulge in most every weekend. Wings, beer, and jerky are essentials, especially on fight nights.

“She started by doing it for charity at a Catholic Church in Fayetteville,” Nguyen said of her mother’s startup jerky business.

“People started making orders. And now it’s just a hobby of hers. She enjoys cooking,” Nguyen said.

She helps her mother out by promoting the product on social media as mum isn’t quite sure what hip technology the kids are using these days.

“She only does churches / Vietnamese community / Asian grocery stores,” she said. “My brother (Victor Nguyen) moved back from California to help her. We were backed ordered so I surprised her with another dehydrating machine.”

That dehydrating machine is getting the job done, and getting it done right.  I’ve had jerky that is extremely dry, and at times crunch.  Not Mom’s Beef Jerky.  It is so soft it almost melts in your mouth.  With a sweet teriyaki flavor and crushed red pepper, the taste is one that will knock your socks off.

Even UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard is on board.

“I try to time it and keep plenty of Mom’s Beef Jerky on hand,” Maynard said. “The worst is running out and then checking my door every five minutes for my new batch. It’s the best beef jerky I’ve ever had.”

While Nguyen doesn’t currently have a website established for Mom’s Beef Jerky, that could eventually change.

“We’re small,” Nguyen said of the family business.

Right now purchases can be made and paid for with PayPal and Venmo by sending to:

Follow Mom’s Beef Jerky on Instagram @momsbeefjerky and remember…. Mom’s Beef Jerky does a body good.

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