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MyMMArijuanaChronicles ft. Big Lonn: Lonn Wicc, Women’s Night, War Games

Interview with Big Lonn above

“Big” Lonn, Mighty Matt and all of the High Rollerz crew behind the scenes have been organically growing something nothing short of impeccable, in minimal time. From their 2018 inception to this Saturday’s High Rollerz: “Ladies Night,” the promotional growth and support has gone nearly viral, with world class athletes vying to compete, A-class celebrities in attendance and according to “Big” Lonn Howard, “We’re just getting fuckin’ started,” he says with a convincing laugh.

Following the success of their recent event, High Rollerz: Cops vs Stoners, the promotions’ next themed event, “Ladies Night” will take place on October 16th at HRHQ in Las Vegas, Nevada. Featuring some of the world’s top tier female competitors, Jessica “Evil” Eye, Gillian “The Savage” Robertson, and Angela “Overkill” Hill are just a few scheduled to appear at High Rollerz: “Ladies Night”.

Getting right back to work, High Rollerz: “War Games” goes down on November 13th at HRHQ, featuring past and present military of all branches.

To compete on any upcoming High Rollerz events, visit:

Lonn Wicc-First Edition

With so much going on in Vegas with High Rollerz, why not pack more onto his plate?! Big Lonn did just that with a wide smile as he recently debuted the world’s first ever “Dope-Yo”; A hemp-wick doubling as a fully operational yo-yo after consumers have utilized the length of the wick roll. Claiming to be a “nerd” at heart, he says the concept was birthed through his fascination with early/ancient weaponry.

Make sure to get your first edition, Lonn Wicc Dope-Yo below

Tune in above as High Rollerz’, Big Lonn joins MyMMArijuanaChronicles once again to go over everything going on at High Rollerz, we talk about Lonn Wicc, we talk self-defense, killing horror characters and so much more!

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