Contender Lindsey Jones

Contender Lindsey “Sweet Tea” Jones of B2FS following 36-second Main Event victory: “I’m open for any fight, whoever it is. My goal is to get to the big show, so whoever is next, bring it!”

If you went to grab a drink before the B2 Fighting Series recent event held in Jackson, Mississippi, there is a good chance you missed the outcome. Top contender Lindsey Jones defeated James Freeman via rear-naked choke in just 36 seconds into Round 1.

What does it feel like to defeat an opponent in 36 seconds?

“It feels great!” Jones discussed with the Poundtown Podcast. “I expected it to last longer as most people did, but I can’t complain about it. Being on top of the world for about 24 hours is how it feels. Coming off of a crazy four-year layoff, I went through a real trying time that matured me in many ways. I’ve been away from competition, and it feels great to come back with a vengeance.”

Jones has made a career so far of blink, and you missed it matches. Currently 4-0 as a professional, Jones has yet to see the second round. “My longest fight has lasted just over a minute, all with quick finishes. I’m just ready for any opportunity that comes my way. No matter how the fights turn out, I’m going to keep pushing towards the big shows. Keep training, keep winning and keep an open mind for anything that comes my way.”

How has his experience as a contender been with B2FS? 

The B2FS is a grassroots operation whose focus is to create and develop league champions to move to the MMA significant leagues from the B2 Fighting Series brand. “I’ve got to give props to B2FS,” Jones humbly states. “I’ve not been a part of a better promotion, and everyone has been super professional with a great production.”

In their most recently updated rankings, B2FS has contender Jones ranked 9th and will be in line for a title shot shortly. With the recent news of Cameron VanCamp, one of B2FS’s many rising stars signing with the UFC, the 170 belt is vacant. “As a fighter, I pull inspiration from my training partners and coaches who have been to the big shows and faced adversity and pushed through the losses. That’s the path I’m following. I’m open-minded to take on whoever has put in front me while along this journey.”

How did contender Jones get involved with MMA? 

“I started training for MMA in middle school back in 2009”, Jones tells the Poundtown Podcast. “Like a lot of kids, I had a ton of aggression and lots of energy. I played sports but started watching Kimbo Slice videos and knew fighting is what I wanted to do.”

Like Kimbo Slice, Macon, GA, is gritty with a formidable reputation. The city located in central GA is battling a high poverty rate and has a reputation. Macon has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes. You wouldn’t guess it was speaking with Jones, who displays a humble and professional attitude.

Jones’ first fight was early, having to convince his parents. “They thought it was a fad, and my Dad said, ‘when you’re 18, you can do anything you want, but this is my household, and I don’t want you doing this. I bought a bag and mats at the house, which I was hitting every day, and they warmed up to the idea after seeing how happy and driven I was. In the end, they supported me.”

How is the sport being impacted by this burst of young talent?

“If you’re heavily involved with an MMA gym right now, it’s impossible not to be blown away. Watching kids training at 10 years old right now, especially in Jiu-jitsu, it’s impressive to see the level they’re already operating. I can’t imagine their talent level 15 years from now.”

The MMA promotions and their communities are the true winners of this youth movement. It’s going to be incredible seeing how this talent develops and where we’re comparing some of these current prospects to the stars of yesterday.

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