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Sean Gannon, man who beat Kimbo Slice in underground video, dead

Former Boston police officer and professional mixed martial artist Sean Gannon has died.

“The Cannon” Gannon is most famously known for defeating famed YouTube sensation, the late Kevin Ferguson, more popularly known as ‘Kimbo Slice’ in an underground fight that went viral online.

Gannon, who amassed a professional mixed martial arts record of 2-2, would eventually be offered a fight in the UFC after defeating Slice. Gannon would meet Brandon Lee Hinkle inside the octagon at UFC 55 in 2005, losing the contest in the very first round. It would be his last pro fight on record.

Following the famed fight with Slice, the former police office would run into trouble at work, eventually being place on desk duty following a diagnosis with concussive syndrome. Gannon would go on to sue the city of Boston, but a Superior Court judge ruled against the fighter’s suit citing that the city had a legitimate cause for the desk assignment because Gannon’s response to an emergency could be a risk/safety factor.

As of press time a cause of death has not yet been revealed.

Gannon’s amateur MMA career began in 2003.

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