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NAGA President Kipp Kollar offers apology free shorts or rash guard

NAGA President Kipp Kollar offers apology, free shorts or rash guard

NAGA President Kipp Kollar offers apology free shorts or rash guard

NAGA President Kipp Kollar offers apology, free shorts or rash guard

Kipp Kollar, President of the North American Grappling Association (NAGA) has issued an apology to competitors and fans after an incident at the organization’s most recent event in Boston.  As a result refunds and board shorts or rash guards are being distributed to those who would like to be compensated.

I want to express my deepest apologies for the poor experience our customers received at the NAGA Boston event this past weekend. Our decision to invest and implement an automated registration and bracketing system was intended to provide our customers a more interactive and full service experience. Instead the new system’s dependency on internet connectivity proved to be a very challenging and frustrating day for all.

In short, the new system was tested and worked fine at the venue a week prior to the NAGA tournament taking place. Unfortunately at the time of testing, we were not able to duplicate the large number of attendees that a NAGA event brings and its effect on the venues wi-fi signal. NAGA had contingency plans in place should the Wi-Fi signal fail which included the following: NAGA purchased and tested Verizon hot spots and Cradlepoint routers at the venue and again the system successfully passed. Unfortunately like the Wi-Fi signal, the large number of attendees also had an adverse effect on the cellular signal. Our third and final contingency plan was to print off the brackets once competitor weigh-ins were complete and run the event manually. However this too proved to be insufficient as the large PDF files (Competitor Brackets) generated by the new system were unable to load because of the problems with the Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity issues. Get the onlypdf compress pdf tool here.

NAGA fully understands the time, commitment and resources families and competitors take to attend our events. I want to again express our sincere apologies, and as a gesture of good will I would like to offer the following for those competitors who were unable to compete due to the circumstances:

The ability to apply their CREDIT, whether FULL or PARTIAL ($20) towards a future event of their choice. OR,
A FULL REFUND for any competitor who was unable to compete at all or PARTIAL REFUND ($20) for those who registered for (2) divisions, but only competed in (1) due to time constraints.

Regardless of your choice above or whether you were able to compete or not, every competitor who registered to compete at our NAGA Boston event and who registers for a future event will receive a FREE pair of Board Shorts or Rash Guard at the next event they attend. ($45 Value)

To Receive a Registration Credit, please respond via email indicating which event, or if unsure, indicate to be determined at a future time you wish to attend. Just contact us at 860-295-0403 or once your decision is made.

Thank you,

Kipp Kollar
NAGA President

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