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Nate Diaz: Don’t act like I didn’t kick this whole fight sh*t back in gear…

The infamous Nate Diaz (20-12) has spoken

The 34-year old fighter from Stockton, California has had a rather interesting career when it comes to his relationship with the UFC.

Today, Diaz reminded both fans and the UFC brass that he is indeed a “needle mover,” and that he is “the money fight.”

In a tweet on Sunday, Diaz wrote: “Don’t act like I didn’t kick this whole fight shit back in gear…”

As with many of his social media postings, the true meaning behind the tweet kind of keeps you guessing.

Was Diaz stating that the sport was not interesting while he was away but since his return a new spark has been ignited?

Was he talking about a possible third fight with Conor McGregor?

Exactly what Diaz meant is uncertain.

After a near three year hiatus from the sport of mixed martial arts, Diaz returned to competition in 2019, defeating former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis at UFC 241 in August.

Following the win, Diaz called for a fight with Jorge Masvidal. The hype and buildup for the contest drew so much attention that a special “baddest mother*cker” title was created and it was dubbed as east vs. west coast gangsters.

The UFC 244 fight at Madison Square Garden would go on as one of the biggest of the year.  Diaz was cut open early, blood dripping down his face throughout the contest.  A cageside physician would call an end to the fight in the third frame, something neither Diaz or Masvidal wanted.

It is uncertain at this time whether Diaz will return to the octagon or not, and if he does, the big question is “when?”

Prior to his 36 months away from the sport, Diaz had two massive fights withMcGregor.  Each fighter walked away with a win a piece, and the fights easily garnered Diaz new found fame and fortune, reassuring UFC President Dana White that without Diaz, McGregor is not the star he is today.

A trilogy fight has often been talked about, but has not yet come to fruition.  McGregor is slated to headline UFC 246 against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone on January 18.

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