NSAC not talking about Chael Sonnen

NSAC not talking about Chael Sonnen

Last month retired mixed martial artist Chael Sonnen was barred from competing or returning to the sport for a minimum of two years as a result of several failed drug tests.  The punishment was handed down to Sonnen by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

Sonnen had a grappling bout with Metamoris scheduled for just weeks after his hearing and when the NSAC caught wind of it there were talks of possibly keeping him from participating in the event and even fining him up to $250,000 for each failed test if he competed.

Sonnen did indeed compete in the headlining pay-per-view bout at Metamoris on August 9.  He would end up tapping to Andre Galvao with roughly six minutes left in their contest.

Today MyMMANews.com spoke with NSAC Executive Director, Bob Bennett, to see whether or not the commission still plans to move forward with their threat of punishment.

According to Bennett, “At this time we have no comment.”

So the question still remains, will the Commission let Sonnen slide or will they continue to push the issue now that the competition has come and gone?  Sonnen is currently represented by Las Vegas lawyer, Ross Goodman.

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