Walkout FC to hold One Night MMA tournament in Kansas

Walkout FC to hold One Night MMA tournament in Kansas

Walkout FC to hold One Night MMA tournament in Kansas

Walkout FC is one of the fastest rising promotions in Kansas and they are excited to announce that they will be doing a One Night Tournament in order to crown a new amateur Featherweight champion at WFC 6: “Night of Champions” on Saturday, May 20th at the Cornerstone Event Center in Independence, Kansas. Tickets are available at WalkoutFC.com.

Walkout FC to hold One Night MMA tournament in Kansas

WFC Featherweight Champion Brandon Bailey recently made his professional debut, leaving the title up for grabs. The tournament line up will feature regional champions, seasoned veterans, and rising stars. There’s not a lot of fighters willing to test themselves in a one night tournament and these fighters are ready to test their durability, skill, and heart when they step in the cage twice in one night.

Jacob Hutchison (2-0) is still fresh in the sport but has a lot of hype behind him after his last victory inside the WFC cage. Hutchison got a devastating knockout win over Travis Goforth at WFC 5 in February and is looking forward to taking on the best fighters he can face in order to become the WFC Featherweight Champion.

Clayton Brown is a seasoned veteran on the amateur circuit and is always ready to return to the cage for a challenge. Brown has well over 20 amateur fights and is the former BlacKOut FC Bantamweight champion. Brown has been away from the sport for awhile and has decided to comeback and join the tournament and take the steps it takes to become the WFC Featherweight Champion.

Andrew Terhune is coming from Missouri to shake up the tournament. Terhune is always searching for a finish and has only been to the judges scorecards one time. He is the current Cage of Honor champion and looking to add another championship title to his collection.

Kyleb Collins has stood face to face and toe to toe with the top fighters in the Midwest and is ready to test himself in a one night tournament. Kyleb Collins is the BlacKOut FC Featherweight Champion and has notable wins over Hardy Friely, Caleb Dye, and Daron McCant.

“We always thrive to give the fans the most exciting fight card we can and on may 20th we will up the ante and put on a 1 night tourney for the WFC featherweight title. This has been in the works for a while and it’s TIME” -WFC Promoter Dave Corn

“Single night tournaments are where Mixed Martial Arts began and probably the most interesting and unpredictable events we could attempt. So naturally we want to put one together and see what happens.” -WFC Promoter William Lavine

“You always want to make sure you have fair fights when it comes to a tournament and you want the fights to be competitive. That’s why these rising stars and seasoned veterans are in this tournament. These guys are all finishers and I’m excited to see how this tournament plays out.” -MMAmadhouse.com/WFC Talent Relations Chris Gregory

“With there being so many top featherweights regularly competing at WalkoutFC we thought the fairest and most exciting way to crown a new champion would be to have a single night tournament.” -WFC Talent Relations Jody Linthicum

“I have been pushing for more tournaments for a few years now. With a tournament there is no biased matchmaking, and things like gym names, trash talking, fan favorite, hometown/out-of-town fighter – all that stuff goes right out the window. Skill and heart are essential to reaching the title. With a solid promotion like WFC hosting a tournament and crowning a champion they will be able to boast they truly have one of the regions best featherweights.” – MMAmadhouse President/Owner Skippy Cohen

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