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Patricio Pitbull explains why Max Holloway should leave UFC for Bellator: “Maybe he gets tired of making pennies”

Patricio Pitbull explained why Max Holloway should leave the UFC for Bellator, suggesting that “maybe (he) gets tired of making pennies.”

Pitbull is the Bellator lightweight and featherweight champion and one of the best fighters in the world not in the UFC right now. With former Bellator rival Michael Chandler now in the UFC where he’s become a star following a KO over Dan Hooker at UFC 257, Pitbull has been even more vocal in recent weeks about where he stands among the world’s top mixed martial artists. After all, it wasn’t long ago that Pitbull KOed Chandler in the Bellator cage. No wonder he’s so confident in his skills and why he has been shooting for the top. That includes a potential fight against the UFC champion Holloway in order to determine the world’s top 145lber.

Speaking to’s Nolan King, Pitbull suggested that Holloway leave the UFC for Bellator, where he says he would be paid more. Pitbull even hinted at a potential fight for Holloway in Hawaii in Bellator.

“(The future) belongs to God. We’ll see what’s next. Maybe Max Holloway gets tired of making pennies in the UFC and comes to Bellator so we can make a huge stadium show in Hawaii. We could see a change from the top guys from the UFC (coming) to Bellator. If they don’t think there is money here, that’s a lie. Bellator would be willing to pay for those who deserve it. We will see what the future reserves – where I’ll be at, where they’ll be at, and what Bellator will be willing to do. But I don’t have any worries. I know it’s going to do something good,” Pitbull said.

Pitbull returns to the Bellator cage later this spring when he takes on Emmanuel Sanchez in the semifinals of the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix. A win there and he would meet the undefeated AJ McKee in the finals. If he wins that, expect him to once again call for a fight against Holloway to prove who the best in the world at 145lbs is. That doesn’t mean he’ll get the fight, but hey, you can’t blame Pitbull for trying. At the same time, it’s hard to ever see Holloway leaving the UFC for Bellator. Then again, it’s MMA, and we have seen some surprising free agent moves over the years. This one, though, would be a shocker if it happened.

Do you want to see Patricio Pitbull fight Max Holloway one day?

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