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Pauline Macias: “I really want to show myself that I am a true mixed martial artist”

Pauline Macias will enter the LFA cage for the second time at LFA 65 when she takes on Sarah Shell. A former three sport athlete, “Pita” has found her passion in MMA.

Is the passion similar or the same switching over from judo to mixed martial arts?
“It’s surprisingly different. I used to love judo. I didn’t even know I could love another sport more. I did all kinds of sports. My three sport loves were gymnastics, judo, and cheerleading. I never thought I could love any more than that. For some reason mixed martial arts, it’s kind of in a really crazy way, brings all that together. Everything I love about each one of those sports, now I get to put it on mixed martial arts, and oh my gosh, I can’t explain the passion and the love I have for this. I wake up every single day and I’m just so grateful and I know how blessed I am to be able to live the life I do and do what I love. Yes, there are days when you’re tired and what not, but there’s not ever a day I don’t want to go to the gym, regardless I’m there. I love it.”

Facing Sarah Shell at LFA 65, what are your expectations for the fight?
“My expectations are to really prove to myself how well rounded I am and show everybody that I am a mixed martial artist, not just a judo player coming out there and only doing judo. Like, I’ve put so much work in everything I do and every aspect of the sport. I really want to show myself that I am a true mixed martial artist.”

What do you see is the biggest challenge ahead of you on Friday night?
“I would say my biggest challenge is always me and that’s why I work so hard on making sure that my mind is right and once that’s ready to go, I’m ready to go. I know that if my mind is on straight I can beat anybody in the world, my mind isn’t, o’ dear it could be rough day, but thank goodness I have so many, like decades of learning how to put my mind in the right place. So, I know I’m ready, but step one make weight.”

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