Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, Timmy Tyler, Kaheem Murray

Timmy Tyler reveals why Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission handed down suspension

At 20-years of age, Timmy Tyler still has a lot of growing to do, both on the personal and professional levels.  As an 0-2 pro mixed martial artist, Tyler is hoping to get himself on track to holding a winning record.

After his most recent fight, a loss to Kaheem Murray at Art of War 4, Tyler was eager to get back in the cage.  But that is when he learned of a 30-day suspension.  Tyler tells MyMMANews that he spoke with Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission Executive Director, Greg Sirb, who told him that he had failed a drug test.

Tyler was only handed a 30-day sentence and tells us that he should be cleared to return to MMA action on March 10.  While the sentence may seem insignificant, Tyler wanted to get the news off his chest and explains how and why the failed test occurred.

Once cleared to return, the lightweight fighter states that can and will make the drop to featherweight.  Tyler states that although he hopes to fight for Art of War Cage Fighting in the May/June timeframe, he has sought out other promoters to see what they are willing to offer.


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