Dog the Bounty Hunter, Donny Aaron

PETITION: Get ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ To Track Down Donny Aaron

It’s been more than two months since the alleged domestic altercation between Karate Mafia coach Donny Aaron and wife, Andrea Lee with no resolve.  Lee, a UFC flyweight competitor has since moved on from the dispute, but still no arrests have been made in the case against Aaron.

Warrants were issued for Aaron in August for offenses including false imprisonment and domestic abuse/battery over his spouse.

According to witnesses and police reports filed, Aaron attacked Lee at their home in Shreveport, Louisianna on Saturday, August 4.  That story here.

When MyMMANews reached out to the Shreveport Police Department earlier this week for an update they responded, “No, he has not yet been captured. We believe he fled to another state.”

In 2009 Aaron was also found guilty and convicted of negligent homicide with a firearm and spent time behind bars.

With Aaron out on the run, one man can help track him down.  World-famous bounty hunter Duane `Dog’ Chapman pursues a diverse slate of fugitives. Please sign the below petition to try to get ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ hot on the pursuit of Donny Aaron.

Petition: Get Dog The Bounty Hunter to track down Donny Aaron


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