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Piankhi Zimmerman on Elijah Harris: “He’s kind of meat and potatoes”

Interview with Piankhi Zimmerman above

This Saturday, July 17th, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania is in for a night of thrills as Fight World 18 makes its way to the east coast. Long overdue for a triumphant return, New Mexico’s, Fight World is the very promotion that offered today’s superstars such as Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit and Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means a platform to launch their successful careers. With plenty of skin in the game and today’s superstars waiting to be discovered, Fight World 18 is upon us in just a matter of days.

College Park MMA’s Piankhi “The Nappy Ninja” Zimmerman will face Elijah “The Buffalo Soldier” Harris in the main event of the evening. The Bellator veteran, Zimmerman is entering this bout coming off of a loss. However, always dangerous in any position, all of Zimmerman’s victories have come via stoppage within the distance. Thus, “The Nappy Ninja” has no intentions on settling for a decision in this bout, either.

“From what I’ve seen, he’s kind of meat and potatoes,” Zimmerman gives his assessment of Harris. “I don’t see anything that’s extraordinary,” he continues. “I would definitely be looking out for him to be throwing out heavy bombs,” He suggests about Harris’ striking.

If it goes through submission, it’ll be faster,” Zimmerman infers. “If it’s through strikes. I’m dangerous there too but because he’s tough, he might be able to weather a little bit more,” he methodically calculates. “If it goes to Jiu Jitsu, I’m probably going to just finish it quickly,” confident in wherever the bout may take place.

“I don’t expect it to go into the third round at all,” Zimmerman insists. “It will probably finish in the first,” he confidently predicts. “If I don’t finish in the first, I’ll finish in the second,” Zimmerman specifies.

Tune in above to check out the entire interview as Piankhi “The Nappy Ninja” Zimmerman checks in with MyMMANews ahead of Fight World 18. He discusses getting back into the cage, his assessment of his impending opponent. He discusses how he plans on taking Elijah Harris out and so much more!

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