Punahele Soriano talks about securing the first UFC knockout of 2021

Punahele Soriano couldn’t of started 2021 on any better of a note.

Last month at UFC Fight Island 7, Soriano was on the biggest stage of his career as the he kicked off the main card which was broadcasted live on ABC. The event was historic for the UFC as this was the first time ABC was broadcasting a UFC show.

As soon as the event started live on ABC, Soriano took on Dusko Todorovic. Both men came into the fight with undefeated record, but it was Soriano walked away still unbeaten as he landed a number of heavy shots that sent Todorovic to the canvas.

Soriano’s first-round TKO win over Todorovic wasn’t only iconic because it was the first UFC fight on ABC, but it was also the first knockout victory of 2021.


The win was also an emotional one for “Puna” as he missed all of 2020 with a hip injury. While it was a painful journey back to the octagon, the historical moment was well worth the wait for Soriano.

Punahele Soriano gets the first TKO of 2021 with win over Dusko Todorovic
<em><strong>Punahele Soriano weighs in ahead of his fight at UFC Fight Island 7<strong><em>

Now that Soriano is feeling better and that the got out of his fight quickly, he would like to fight another two or three times this year. Right now he’s eyeing a May return date to the octagon.

Aside from his career, he spoke about the his friend and teammate Dan Ige. The two group up together in Hawaii and followed each other into the UFC.

You can hear everything Soriano had to say by watching his interview with MyMMANews in the video above.

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