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Ralek Gracie Launches Genzai Plans Openweight Freestyle Fighting Grand Prix

Ralek Gracie Launches Genzai – Plans Openweight Freestyle Fighting Grand Prix

GENZAI Freestyle Fighting Grand Prix — a new international promotion championing a throwback to the “Golden Age” of combat sports, as the World’s exclusive openweight tournament — seeks new breed of fighter.

Grand Prix Highlights:

Tournament Structure – 4 interconnected events separated quarterly through 2022. 16 athlete bracket. A single champion.

Openweight Fights – Athletes from any weight division will clash in a challenge that is virtually impossible to replicate in a weight-classed event.

Single 30-minute Round – A test which evens the playing field between striking and grappling styles as well as between athletes of differing weights.

Freestyle Fighting Rules – A throwback to the original Vale Tudo (“anything goes”) of Brazil and PRIDE Fighting Championship of Japan. Only a “few-holds-barred.”

GENZAI is inspired by the living history that is martial arts and motivated to bring reverence to the whole genre. The Genzai aesthetic speaks to its mission as an authentic, connected-to-the-roots promotion.


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The Genzai inaugural Grand Prix is launching an international athlete search, seeking new talent and a new breed of fighter that can not only contend but thrive in its limited ruleset. “An athlete in a Genzai Freestyle Fighting event, as in Vale Tudo or Pride FC, will need to approach their training with a unique mindset, strategy and extensive skill set. Our focus is on finding the most capable combat athletes on the planet,” says a Genzai Rep.

Founded by Ralek Gracie, a martial artist, professional fighter and son of UFC co-founder Rorion Gracie. Ralek was co-founder of the now defunct Metamoris Pro Jiu Jitsu Invitational, which garnered a cult-like following among grappling enthusiasts. “America was built on the entrepreneurial spirit and the truth is the majority of start-up businesses fail. Metamoris was unable to make the leap to mainstream success but I am taking that experience and moving forward.” Says Gracie of the controversial boom and bust of Metamoris. “I realize now more than ever, the path has always been the same, it’s about bringing authentic martial arts to the World stage.”

In addition to the Grand Prix, Genzai will be launching a bi-annual magazine and a proprietary Freestyle Fighting league along with many other martial art genre initiatives.

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