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ONE on TNT IV Media Day

Photo via ONE Championship press release

ONE on TNT IV Media Day: Reug Reug and Jackie Buntan

ONE on TNT IV Media Day went down last night ahead of the huge card on Wednesday, April 28th. The stacked martial arts event emanates from Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Both the lead and main cards feature compelling bouts with a myriad of combatants taking part in the second day of media Q&A. I spoke with Reug Reug Oumar Kane and Jackie Buntan ahead of their respective contests in the ONE Circle.

ONE on TNT IV Media Day

Just wondering because it seems like the Muay Thai has been well received with the four ounce gloves so far. Have you been kind of checking out the bouts so far kind of from a fandom sort of perspective and if so, which fights have caught your eye in that regard?

“I just heard that Jonathan Haggerty, he was supposed to be on the same card as me and I was really looking forward to that card. But, I mean that’s probably the most recent one I had my eyes on.”

Jackie Buntan

Yeah, I was actually noticing that too there. But it looks like you’re getting back out there within a couple of months of your debut outing against WonderGirl Fairtex.

I’m kind of wondering what your ideal strength of schedule going forward this year is? Is there a certain amount of bouts you’re targeting?

“I don’t have like a certain number in my head. But I’d love to stay active as possible you know. Coming off of, before I fought Wonder Girl I had like a year and a half hiatus due to a canceled fight and of course COVID. So, the more active the better.”

Reug Reug

I understand Oumar went into the Alain Ngalani fight at less than full strength with an injury there. I’m curious if he felt the Patrick Schmid victory there was a greater representation of his skills as a fighter?

“So he was able to fight against Alain Ngalani because it was one minor injury. So he could stand the pain and go for it. As of now, he’s feeling very well and ready to go for the next fight.”

And I’m curious because the friends of mine anecdotally that I’ve been showing ONE Championship to for the first time, they really love them some Reug Reug.

I’m curious if Oumar has noticed a growing amount of North American fans kind of popping up just being on TNT?

“Yeah. So I’m definitely getting many, many calls. Many, many messages from Instagram and Facebook. So I can notice it.”

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