Raquel Pennington: “Cut healing great”

Raquel Pennington pulled off what was one of the greatest saves in UFC history as she choked Ashlee Evans-Smith unconscious with one second to spare in the first round at UFC 181, Dec. 6.

Chokes just before the bell happen quite often but this one was different.  Evans-Smith opened up a cut on the forehead of Pennington with a knee and immediately a blood trickle started to flow.

As the blood continued to flow UFC commentator Joe Rogan stated that the wound to the head of “Rocky” was so easily opened up because of scar tissue that had formed in the from previous injuries.

Without a doubt the fight doctor would have called an end to the contest in between rounds but it was just seconds before the buzzer that Pennington applied a bulldog choke, pulling Evans-Smith to the ground, rendering her completely unconscious.  Had the fighter not gone out with the choke or had she not tapped, Evans-Smith would have been declared the victor.

Less than a week later Pennington told MyMMANews.com that the wound required 10 stitches to sew back together but that the cut “is healing great.”

Here are some photos to see how the wound is mending. The bottom is the most recent and clean.  It appears to be coming along quite well.

raquel1 raquel2 raquel3

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