Ring of Combat 82

Ring of Combat 82: Torretta vs Ruiz II preview w Adam Crist

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Ring of Combat president, Louis Neglia and Frankie Perez Dead Serious Promotions will close out 2023 with Ring of Combat 82: Torretta vs Ruiz II on Friday evening, December 1st.  I will be hosting the pre-fight show then joining “Raging” Al Iaquinta and Jay Regalbuto at the commentary table.

The ROC 82 main event is a rematch from ROC 78 (11/18/2022) where Calogero Torretta and Sebastian “El Gallo” Ruiz both put on a show for the fans, including myself who was cageside. I felt it could have gone either way, it was that close. The judges split on it, and Ruiz took home the win.  Ruiz took his next fight at ROC 80 and ended it in highlight reel fashion at 45 seconds of the first-round with a head kick.  That violent finish won him the ROC bantamweight championship which was on the line.

Torretta rebounded and went on to win his last two fights.  He now gets the rematch that he wanted and as a bonus, he has the opportunity to take the belt away from him.  This main event fight is an early holiday gift for fight fans.

The rest of the card is loaded with some young and interesting names.  We checked in with MyMMANews colleague, and fight fan, Adam Crist. Adam will be enjoying ROC 82 and Atlantic City, for the first time.  Crist, the Delaware native, is usually working when he is attending a multitude of events but comes to the shore as a fan this night. He gets to watch a couple of fighters, who have also become friends, make their next trip to the cage.

Adam tells us about Ben Coyle

“Ben is a killer when he gets in that cage.  That’s something I was fond of as a fan.  Watching his tenacity, watching his aggressiveness, it’s going to draw any fan if they want to see the violence.  If they want to see the hardcore knockouts.  He’s always looking for the finish, he’s looking to take your head off.  I expect this fight to be no different.”

Adam on Taylor Pierce…

“Taylor is always positive.  He’s always happy.  A ball of energy that’s just infectious.  And when he fights, his gas tan, it just doesn’t end.  When he comes in there, the energy you see at the opening bell is going to be the same energy you see at the closing bell.  In your face from start to finish. Marquez MMA has done phenomenal things for both Ben and Taylor.  I see incredible improvements in both of their games.”

Please check out our interview on the link above as we talk about Ring of Combat, which has a rich history of helping fighters get to the UFC and next level.  We will have a full recap right here as we cover regional combat sports like no other.

Ring of Combat 82

Ring of Combat 82, ROC 82

Ring of Combat 82

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