ROC 65 recap

Caracappa, Algeo and Outlaw continue to shine…Daukaus another vicious knockout… ROC 65 recap

Ring of Combat 65 did not disappoint.  I was cageside for numerous highlight reel finishes and wouldn’t be surprised to see a few of the fighters on this card getting the call from the UFC.  All three title fights resulted in successful defenses for the reigning champs.

Algeo vs Heckman   ROC featherwweight championship

Defending champ Bill ” Senor Perfecto” Bill Algeo told me that he knew Scott Heckman’s gameplan and in the first round, Heckman was able to execute his patented double-leg takedown several times.  Algeo worked his way back to the feet every time and didn’t sustain much damage. Algeo landed some punches to Heckman’s head while they were in the clench and then later in the round, seemed to rock him with a left hand.  A close first round, but Heckman did control much of where the fight took place. Early in the second, Heckman got another takedown, but Algeo was immediately back up on his feet. As Heckman continued the clinch game, Algeo landed short punches to the side of the head and then cut Scott over the right eye and blood was getting heavier.  The defending champ, Algeo was then able to get some space and started to pick Heckman apart with a variety of strikes.  Algeo then closed in as Heckman was near the wall of the cage and and executed a jumping switch kick to the head that ended the fight with a spectacular knockout.  After the fight, I spoke with the reigning champion at 145 pounds and he said…

” You knew it was coming. I had to be patient. The finish was just a matter of time.”

I’ve said it before and Algeo did nothing to disprove my opinion, he belongs in the UFC. He is an elite mixed martial artist with every part of his arsenal at a high level.  Looking forward to seeing what is next for Senor Perfecto who is now 11-3.

Caracappa vs Gaudinot   ROC bantamweight championship

Phil “the Hitman” Caracappa defended his bantamweight belt for the second time facing his most experienced opponent in UFC veteran, Louis ” Good Night” Gaudinot.  Caracappa came out smoking and landing with multiple combinations and then a strong takedown. While avoiding the upkick, Phil reigned numerous scoring blows to the head of Gaudinot.  This continued for a majority of the first round which I scored 10-8. The second round was much of the same as Caracappa was in complete control with his stand-up and several takedowns.  Heading into the third, Gaudinot was going to need a finish to get the win. The round round started out well for the defending champ, Caracappa with a nice combination, but when he tried to shoot for the takedown, Gaudinot caught him in a very tight guillotine.  After a minute or so, Gaudinot rolled Caracappa over onto his back with the guillotine still locked in. Phil weathered the storm and was able to escape.  Gaudinot finished the rest of the fight on top with some ground and pound, but not enough to stop the champion.  29-28 29-28 29-27 on the judges scorecards for Caracappa.  I caught up with Phil after the fight…

” That guillotine was very tight.  There was no way I was going to tap.  I would have turned blue before that would happen.”

The crowd was on it’s feet and very loud for this entire fight.  Both fighters are very demonstrative and emotional in the cage and it came out the same way with their many fans.  After the fight, ring announcer Peter Neglia declared this fight one of the best in the storied history of Ring of Combat.  Carcappa is a rising star. The former wrestler has worked hard on his striking and BJJ and is going to be a tough fight for anybody in his weight class. At 6-0, the only thing that may be holding back the call is a few more fights.  He is a must-see fighter

Outlaw vs Kulak   ROC welterweight championship

Sidney Outlaw seems like he remains under the radar.  Now at 11-3 after an impressive armbar submission over Krzysztof Kulak in the second round, Outlaw and his reserved personality continues to pile up wins.   There are several excellent welterweights in the area and any of them who sign to come after Outlaw’s belt are in for a dangerous evening.  Stay right here at MyMMANews for an upcoming ” fights I’d like to see’ article on several possible opponents.

Daukaus vs Smart   heavyweight

Chris Daukaus is the hottest heavyweight in the region.  He took on Serra-Longo pro Edwin Smart and Smart came out of the gates strong.  Edwin looked quick and crisp as he rocked Daukaus early cutting him above the nose.  Daukaus, the Martinez BJJ fight team member, showed tremendous resiliency and was countering and trying to slow down Smart.  Daukaus then came back with some combinations of his own and rocked his opponent.  Chris smelled blood and continued to apply pressure as Smart backed up against the cage.  Daukaus then landed a left hook that dropped Smart’s hands and the kill-shot followed as the right cross landed flush to the jaw of Smart.  A bloodied, victorious Daukaus raised his hands and was ushered back by the referee after a brutal knockout.

Daukaus, a Philadelphia City Police officer, now has won 5 straight with 4 knockouts to move to 7-2.  He is peaking and deserves a title shot or a phone call from one of the big promotions.  There is always that anticipation for a big finish when he is in the cage.  His next fight should be very interesting.

You can see the full results from Ring of Combat 65 right here



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