Rodtang speaks on Stamp ahead of her World Title fight at ONE X

Rodtang speaks on Stamp ahead of her World Title fight at ONE X

With ONE X around the corner, many of the promotion’s best stars are talking about each other. But for Rodtang and Stamp Fairtex, the relationship is deeper than appreciating each other from afar. Rodtang and Stamp train together quite often. With both hailing from Thailand and headlining/co-headlining ONE X, Rodtang shared some of his thoughts on Stamp’s upcoming fight.

First off, Rodtang has been watching Stamp Fairtex grow in the sport of MMA. Originally a Nak Muay, Rodtang says her claiming the World Grand Prix belt was the turning point and that facing off with Angela Lee is a big matchup for the fan in Rodtang.

“I’m happy with her. Finally, she got the chance to challenge for World Title with the MMA queen. She has improved her MMA skills by far. She has claimed the World Grand Prix belt. This is another exciting match up for me.”

Rodtang Predicting Stamp Fairtex vs. Angela Lee

Styles make fights, as we all know. For Rodtang, he sees that but he also looks at some of the x-factors like the long layoff of Lee going into the fight with Stamp Fairtex. He notes that and Stamp’s improvement as a mixed martial artist as reasons she could become victorious.

“I think if Stamp uses punching and kicking techniques, Angela Lee will be in trouble. She can escape from the armbar with Alyona [Rassohyna]. Angela took a break for a long time from her pregnancy. If Stamp can manage to punch her like Xiong Jing Nan did, Angela will have no chance, no matter how good her ground game is.”

But, Rodtang doesn’t blindly believe that Stamp will easily walk through Angela Lee at ONE X. He says, “I think she is coming in at her peak. And the rest depends on luck. Her weakness is she likes to stand still when she kicks, and it might cause her to get taken down easily. She likes to wait until she is at the end of line, so she will try to find the way out..”

Finally, Rodtang goes on to talk about Stamp’s dedication to the sport. She’s an incredibly determined individual and Rodtang believes that will put her over the top when it comes to fighting in mixed martial arts. 

I think her commitment. She is determined. Even the boss forced her to practice on Sunday. While the other athletes can take a break, she gladly accepted it. When I watched her practice, I could feel her determination. Whether her boss ordered her to practice 10 or 11 rounds, she always said yes. Some fighters would cry about that.


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