Ronda Rousey pregnant

Ronda Rousey Pregnant, Not Returning to UFC in 2016

Is Ronda Rousey Pregnant?

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champ has learned she is with child and will not return to the mixed martial arts action in 2016. Ronda Rousey is pregnant.

“Rowdy” tweeted a photo of her most recent ultrasound dated April 1, 2016 with the comment, “Return to MMA?  Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.”

Rowdy Is Pregnant?! Does Ronda Rousey Even Have A Boyfriend?

In a recent interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Rousey said that she realized she wanted to have Travis Browne’s (boyfriend) babies.   It looks as if the couple have got the job done and will not be medically cleared to train or compete in mixed martial arts for quite some time.

With the news obviously a rematch against Holly Holm and or challenging Miesha Tate for the title are off the table.

Oh, and if you believe this story, I have a bridge to sell you.



*** Ronda Rousey did not tweet an ultrasound photo nor did she announce a pregnancy.  

Happy April Fools’ Day.

April Fools' Day

5 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey Pregnant, Not Returning to UFC in 2016

  1. Totally fell for it, my only thought was she was scared to face holly in a rematch and this was her only way out lol. Sorry other have absolutely zero sense of humor must be a hard life walking around all stuck up like that all the time

  2. I actually told friends about this. Haha boy o boy did y'all get me, as for the rest of these humorless phucks, if y'all ain't got nothing nice to type then keep it to your self. This world is negative as it is, then y'all shit heads add to it. #justsayin

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