The Russians are Coming – Draka MMA – U.S Debut

The Russians are Coming – Draka MMA – U.S Debut

by Ted Lempke

Through a partnership with Richmond’s Sweat Equity MMA Management, Draka MMA invaded the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Va., May 31 for the promotion’s first U.S. based fight card. The Russian based promotion and featured a blend of Draka rules and Unified rules of MMA for both amateur and professional bouts.

The promotion has held 14 events overseas with the main difference between Draka and unified rules being a 30 second time limit that starts once the fighters hit the canvas. If a finish is not achieved during this period, both fighters will be asked to stand and the action will resume.

According to Draka officials this makes for an action-packed fight and no chance for holding positions or stalling.

Pete Hatcher with Sweat Equity MMA Management commented on the difference, “I’ve been around MMA since the beginning and I’ll always love the traditional, unified MMA rules. But I think Draka offers something really spectacular for the casual fight fan. I’ve been to many events where the crowd starts getting anxious if the action stops or the ground game goes on too long. Some fans don’t understand or appreciate the grappling arts, so this will give them an exciting fight from bell to bell.”

In the opening bout U.S Marine Matt Inderio owned Brett Barney and the fight was called at just 1:11 in the first round after a KO win for the Jarhead.


The MyMMANews fight of the night was awarded to the headlining fight, Mike Wade vs Andrei Koshkin. The Russian Top Team fighter, Koshkin, fought just weeks ago earlier this month earning a KO headkick win over Islam Dzadziev.

It appeared as if Wade would actually get the better of Koshkin and win the fight however he was caught by a series of blows in the second and the Russian earned his second victory in just as many weeks.

Full Draka 15 results below

Andrei Koshkin defeated Mike Wade via KO in Round 2.

Alex Matmuratov defeated John Hughes via unanimous decision

Maxim Shtepeenko defeated Jeremy Carper via KO at 1:35 in Round 1.

Juan Owens defeated Ran Weathers via KO in Round 2.

Mathew Messer defeated Dusty Shaw via rear-naked choke at 1:04 in Round 1.

Louis Johnson defeated Jon Peters via triangle choke during the final minute of Round 3. Johnson was easily losing the fight before pulling off this incredible come from behind victory.

Allen Stevenson defeated Joe Byer via unanimous decision

Abdiel Velazquez defeated Arthur Parker via rear naked choke submission Round 1

David Derby defeated George Shepard via KO in the second round

Luke Hunsacker defeated Keith Whitehead via triangle choke in the first round

Kevin Cooke defeated Damin Hatcher via TKO due to elbows/cut at 2:36 in Round 2

Matt Inderio defeated Brett Barney at 1:11 in the 1st Rd via KO



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