Sean Loeffler

Sean Loeffler, once signed to UFC, sent to prison for domestic violence-related charges

Sean Loeffler, a professional mixed martial artist with record of 34 wins opposite five losses, has been sent to prison for domestic violence-related charges.

The 41-year-old fighter known as “The Destroyer” accepted a deal and pleaded guilty to multiple domestic violence-related charges against multiple victims.  He will spend two years behind bars.

Two women provided statements of their accounts in court. One woman said there was “strangulation to the point of passing out and twisting my hands back, slapping me, hitting me, kicking me.”

Another woman told ABC-10, “He told me dead in the eyes, he said, ‘You know I’m going to have to kill you tonight, right?’ One time, he literally picked me up by my throat with both hands and threw me onto the bed.”

Loeffler was previously signed to the UFC, weighed in for a fight in 2012, but a fluke injury while warming up prevented him from competing.

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