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Some Online Tips To Supplement Your Training Routine

Whether a person is training for a professional event or simply maintaining a fitness or weight training routine, a common problem is decreased focus and motivation over time.

This is especially true as the body reaches a ‘plateau’ – the naturally occurring point where gains steadily drop off after a period of development. For a body builder, this means the period when muscle gain reduces despite training intensity remains hard. For the pro athlete, it could mean a fall in performance gains. This can result in a growing sense of disillusionment and willingness to push through to the next level for the semi-pro boxer.

Here are some suggestions for easily accessible online ‘tweaks’ to help find that motivation during those training plateau periods.


The first tendency during this natural lull period is usually to intensify physical activity and training time. In fact, very often, doing the opposite may result in a breakthrough. Remember that relaxation time is actually as important as training time – the body goes through a natural cycle of rebuilding tissue and repairing muscle. Often, hammering the body harder is counterintuitive.

Include a relaxation period in your routine and find something online like an absorbing game, puzzle, or a visit to a site like spin palace mobile casino to draw the mind away so that it can re-set.

Hypnosis and subliminals

An important part of training the body actually lies in training the mind, and many pro athletes have the benefit of sports psychologists to assist.

For the semi-pro, amateur, and those managing their own routines, it is possible to set up a personal mind training routine with the use of meditation music with embedded subliminal messages. Check a site like YouTube for a vast range of music with embedded positive messaging – don’t underestimate the power of the subconscious mind!

Similarly, YouTube and similar sites also offer a range of similar deeper hypnosis tracks – use these as you lie back after a heavy training session or when the need for motivation strikes.

The old school mixtape

As simple as it sounds, there is a lot to be said for putting together a dedicated playlist to pound out during those training sessions in the low motivation times.

Rather than putting together a set of usual tracks, or simply listening to a favorite band or artist, take this out of your comfort zone and choose a set of tracks that ordinarily wouldn’t be high on the playlist.

Delve back to older songs, like the old school mixtape, and pick out a new selection that motivates and inspires. The act of listening through material that is out of the standard fare of material actually further serves to re-set the mind and assist in changing focus!

Change it up and regain inspiration and motivation

A couple of hot tips here:

  • Relaxation time is actually as important as training time as part of a total training routine – don’t discount its power.
  • Use relaxation time wisely, and choose an activity that can absorb the mind and also re-train it.
  • Try a routine that moves out of the usual comfort zone.

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