7 Weighty Reasons to Start Jogging in the Morning

7 Weighty Reasons to Start Jogging in the Morning

How often do you think of putting on your running shoes and going for a jog around your block in the morning and forget about this idea an hour later? Start jogging tomorrow, and every step you take will make you feel much better! You just need some motivation for this. Let’s look at 7 reasons why you should start jogging.

Energy charge

If you feel like you’re out of gas, get tired quickly, and can’t wake up without a cup of strong coffee, a fifteen-minute morning run will help you. Due to increased blood circulation, the processes of energy metabolism in the body speed up, and you feel an incredible burst of energy, especially after your first jog. Even a cup of coffee or a bottle of energy drink won’t give you such a surge of energy!

Beautiful body

Morning jogging is one of the best ways to get in shape fast. When you’re running, several muscle groups in your body get involved in the process, burning excess calories and accelerating the metabolic rate. Thanks to this, you’ll see a noticeable result in the mirror in a week. Besides, just think how great you’ll look in a video dating chat room.

Good mood

Stop suffering from blues and depressions! Go jogging, gradually increasing the distance, and your body will start producing the hormones of happiness. This will save you from somber mood and apathy, and you’ll be getting a daily dose of great mood every day in return.

High Productivity

If you’re not satisfied with your productivity, you should try jogging. At first glance, it may seem that morning runs have nothing to do with productivity, but in fact, it’s not true. Running, fast walking and other kinds of physical exertion have long become a great tool for famous artists and inventors. For example, Steve Jobs always went for a walk or jog to improve blood circulation in his brain when he felt the creativity crisis was close. Just after a few minutes of jogging, you’ll feel that your mind is clear, your concentration is improved, and creativity level is higher than ever!

Good sleep

Even a short jog in the morning is enough to affect your sleep quality. It’s no secret that when you sleep, your body is restored due to the hormones that are produced while the person is resting. Improving the quality of sleep, you can positively affect the speed and intensity of recovery processes, and this is great for health.

Younger body

If you want to stay in shape and look and feel young longer, then the morning run is the best way to achieve these goals. Jogging activates blood circulation and stimulates the regeneration of tissues and cells, so your body stays young for a couple of decades longer. In addition to these benefits, during physical exertion, the body produces collagen, which improves the skin condition and allows it to remain supple and even eliminates small wrinkles.


It’s not a secret that all the long-livers lead an active lifestyle. Nations that demonstrate the highest average life expectancy live in conditions where it’s simply impossible to live without activities. It’s hard for an average urban resident today to lead an active lifestyle. We’re always in a hurry and use all benefits of civilization that save us a lot of time, not to mention a sedentary lifestyle we lead. All this can hardly be called activity. And a morning jog is the easiest way out in this case. If you want to live a couple of years longer – start running, at least for 10-15 minutes a day.

How to avoid injuries while jogging

The correct position of your body and feet when jogging will protect you from small trauma, such as stretches, fractures and other injuries runners experience often. Besides, this will allow you to waste less energy.

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