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Stellar Fights 39 Results from Hockessin Delaware

Stellar Fights 39 Live Results. Night of Finishes

Stellar Fights returns to the Hockessin Pal Center in Hockessin, Delaware yet again for another sold out event. Walls will be packed from all sides with fans cheering for top tier eastern shore talent, with a slew of veterans to up and comers with everything to improve.

Earl “Trouble” Small, the hometown Delaware kid from 302 BJJ looks to take out the seasoned veteran in Jay Ellis, with over 100 fights to his professional record. Needless to say, a win could launch Small to the next level he desires so deeply.

In the co-main event of the evening, Paul Sims out of North Star MMA taking on Jason Brown, representing Method MMA in welterweight action that is assured fireworks!

Full Stelllar Fights 39 results below:

Jay Ellis vs Earl Small (170 lbs)
Round 1
Small starts the bout with a body kick and closes the distance with Ellis looking for Smalls neck early. Small gets his opponent to the ground and gains back control where he gets a hold of the neck with one arm and attacking the body with strikes to soften his opponent up. After that it turns into a ground clinic from that point forward. Small transitions from a banana split which Ellis worked through, transitioning to the impressive twister that had Ellis wondering what hit him as he desperately tapped in pain.

Winner via Twister: Earl “Trouble Small at 1:38 of round 1

Paul Sims vs Jason Brown (170 lbs)
Round 1
Both fighters circle and find their rhythm early. Once the dust settles, these warriors throw everything with vicious intentions as Sims lands with headkicks to Browns punch combinations. Sims follows up with some heavy knees to Brown against the cage to soften his opponent up. When Brown would guard his body, Sims would switch to punch combinations swarming Brown. Quickly into the round Sims swarmed Brown and drops Brown with a pinpoint accurate punch combination, dropping Browns mouthpiece along with him. The referee intervened to stop the contest, but to stop the fight for the mouthpiece to be retrieved, when most thought it was a TKO stoppage then and there. So it was, and the action resumes on the floor with Sims on top and he starts pouring heavy leather onto Brown with Brown covering up and being warned to advance his position or the fight would be stopped. Brown couldn’t advance his position and continued receiving punishment long enough for the referee to step in to call at halt to the contest.

Winner via TKO: Paul Sims. 2:12 into round 1

Jason Tipaldos vs James Lyons (Ammy 145lb championship)
Round 1
Lyons wages no time in changing levels to work in for the take down. He presses Tipaldos against the cage, it Tipaldos is able to get the reversal. They both trade short shots inside and trade positions several times until few several few separations, but Lyons always eager to keep the distance close. The fighters split yet again, and Lyons lands a head kick and starts with one nasty punch combinations to the head. Lyons sees sauces in the first head kick and fires it again it slips with his opponent looking to take advantage and follows up to the floored Lyons. Lyons sees it. Coming and avoids damage, able to catch a leg and again drag his opponent to the ground to close the opening round.

Round 2
Both fighters start throwing heavy leather in the opening of the second round with both fighters finding success. Lyons attempts another takedown but it is well timed and fended off. Lyons gets the action close and secures a Thai clinch with Tipaldos teeing off on Lyons body but Lyons having control and landing several knees himself. After a split in action, Tipaldos takes the action to the ground with little damage done and Lyons works his way to his feet. Lyons again shoots for the takedown to secure the control for the last seconds of the round.

Round 3
Lyons starts the round with a teep to the face which lands and Tipaldos desperately looks to close the distance and finds some success with his own hands. Both fighters look happy to engage in standup as they’re both landing effective strikes from Lyons spinning back kick to the body and head kicks to Tipaldos punch combinations. The fighters work their way back to the middle of the cage as Lyons look to utilize his teens and Tipaldos times one perfectly to trip Lyons, it Lyons bounces right back to his feet to return fire with straight 1-2 punch combos to close the round.

Round 4
Lyons starts the round with a head kick which finds its mar. Tipaldos tries returning the favor with his hands but it isn’t enough as Lyons finds his way back to where he’s comfortable, his back and starts to go to work looking for a guillotine. That doesn’t find its mark so Lyons transitions to a triangle and it was all she wrote as he secured it quickly and forced the tap.

Winner via Triangle choke: James Lyons at 49 seconds into the 4th round

Roe-Mar Blacknail vs Ben Coyle (ammy 135lb championship)
Round 1
Both fighters start the contest very active with vicious punch combos exchanged between the two. Coyle presses forward with a 1-2 combo and switches levels immediately for the heavy slam. Blacknail bounces up but Coyle holds onto a leg to seek a strike on the wounded Blacknail. Amidst the action, Coyle fires a low kick in the wrong spot accidentally landing as a low blow as the referee calls a stop to the contest to let Blacknail recover. Upon resuming, the fighters clinch quickly with Coyle getting the trip it Blacknail is quick to stand up again and Coyle quickly resumes work firing punches upstairs and firing leg kicks to chop down his opponent. As the fighters get too close, its Coyle on the receiving end of a low blow as Blacknail accidentally fires a kick intended for the leg but hits Coyle in the groin. A action starts, Coyle is first to commit with the leg kicks and Blacknail follows with some shots down stairs in return. Coyle starts taunting Blacknail from the outside and pushes forward, pressing Blacknail against the cage. Blacknail is able to circle out as the two trade jabs to close the round.

Round 2
Blacknail fires first with a jab with Coyle returning the favor. Coyle presses Blacknail against the corner but Blacknail fires inside with some short shots as Coyle secures the takedown. Blacknail is quick to bounce up again and Coyle stays close to his opponent, pressing him against the cage. Coyle lets off a little pressure and Blacknail starts firing off the cage with vicious punch combos. Coyle returns with a leg kick that sends Blacknail in a circle. Coyle follows forward and takes Blacknail down and secures the back and starts firing away with heavy shots. Blacknail is quick to bounce back up. As the round comes to a close Coyle presses the action firing hooks and uppercuts close, looking to secure the round.

Round 3
Both fighters touch gloves and Blacknail hits Coyle with a straight left clear. Coyle fires back with some heavy leather of his own and these two fighters get into a slugfest. Coyle attempts a head kick but slips but Blacknail likes the bout standing up and lets Coyle to his feet. Both fighters exchange hands from the outside back and forth like rock em sock em robots and engage in all out technical war. Towards the end of the round Blacknail starts to slow the pace and Coyle senses his opponent is winded to step up the pace, looking to secure another round.

Round 4
Blacknail begins this round with more activity and starts attacking Coyle first and often with his jab-straight combinations. Coyle looks to get the contest to the floor which he does successfully. Like a snake, Coyle finds Blacknail neck and secures the rear naked choke to put an end to the bout.

Winner via rear naked choke: Ben Coyle at 1:43 of round 4

Doug Addison vs David Buettner (165lb K1 Kickboxing rules)
Round 1
Both fighters come out pawing between leg and head strikes with some slick feinting. Addison is the first to commit with a brutal leg kick followed by a 1-2 combo upstairs. Addison continues to stay on the outside utilizing his jab which is landing often. Buettner starts finding his rhythm and starts popping some hard jabs of his own toward the end of the round.

Buettner starts the round landing with much more force and stays more active than Addison. Addison looks to stay on the outside but Buettner is bullying his way inside to land the heavier strikes, mixing it up with vicious punch combinations to headkicks. As the end of the round nears, the heat picks up with both fighters landing heavy leather inclose, with the round closing, with either fighter taking the round.

Round 3
The round picks up where round two left off with both fighters throwing heavy hands with Buettner landing the brutal shots from the inside and wide right hooks to Addisons pin point accuracy from the outside jabbing with straight rights to land square. At the end of a very thin round, its either fighters ball game in what could’ve been fight of the night.

Winner by Split Decision. David Buettner

Tony Lopez vs Shane Teves (155 lbs)
Round 1
Both fighters waste no time to meet in the middle and clinc almost immediately trading inside knees and body shots. Lopez lands some heavy striking which backs Teves up and Lopez looks to jump in but Teves ducks under the rush and dumps Lopez on his back and secures mount to ride his foe until Teves looks for several submissions like an arm bar to Americana, but nothing finds its mark as the round comes to a close.

Round 2
Both fighters begin the round by swinging for the fences with both landing frequently and the bout hitting the mat shortly after. Teves has the dominant position in mount and is looking to reign down bombs from the top but Lopez is quite versatile and withstands a lot of punishment. However, the referee see’s enough punishment go unanswered and the ref intervenes to put an end to this contest.

Winner via TKO: Shane Teves. 2:44 into round 2

Devante Crawford vs John Mabrey (210 lbs)
Round 1
Mabrey forces the action with a traight right which land to closing the istance and pressing Crawford against the cage, searching for the takedown. Crawford is able to reverse the position and drag Mabrey to the ground. Crawford then goes to work looking to posture up to hammer down strikes from above while Mabrey looks for a triangle choke from the floor. Both fighters are able to work back to their feet, but the contest would be short lived as both fighters fire at will with Crawford landing a straight right first and dropping Mabrey to the mat. Crawford goes to finish the job, but the referee doesn’t let the damage pile up as he’s quick to see Mabrey isn’t conscious and calls a stop to the bout.

Winner via TKO: Devante Crawford at 2:53 into round 1

Matt Lyall vs Peter Kim (125 lbs)
Round 1
Kim presses forward first with a vicious punch combination that backs up Lyall momentarily, but Lyall marches forward with his own combination. Kim switches levels and drags Lyall to the ground and from that point, Lyall was a fish out of water. Kim controlled every aspect of the ground transitioning from full mount to a mounted triangle where he reigned down punches to Lyalls face until the referee saw enough and called a halt to the contest.

Winner via TKO: Peter Kim. 1:17 minutes into first round

Hiroshi Hyashi vs Ben Leven (140 lbs)
Round 1
Leven starts pawing his jab early and throws a heavy leg kick to close the distance. Both fighters start fighting in the clinch throwing bombs with Hyashi landing the better of the two landing a right cross that staggers Leven and Hyashi continued the onslaught until the referee saw enough punishment and called a halt to the contest.

Winner via TKO: Hiroshima Hyashi. 35 seconds into round 1

Johnny Vann vs Tyler Dilks (Heavyweight)
Round 1
The fighters touch gloves and Vann fires a leg kick that Dilks doen’t lie too much as Vann follows with force. Both fighters eventually settle down to their comfort zone and start swinging technically and both landing often. With both fighters landing leather, Vann switches levels and scores the takedown on Dilks and looks for the rear naked choke, but Dilks fends it off. Vann then seeks out a guillotine and Dilks fights that off and starts firing some heavy ground and pound to Vann. Vann finds his way to his feet and the two engage in several heavy exchanges until Vann finds his target dropping Dilks in his tracks, crumbling him to the floor with no further punishment needed.

Winner via TKO: Johnny Vann. 2:50 into round 1

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