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The Biggest Online Casino Endorsements in MMA

MMA, or UFC, dominates the sports battlefield. The athlete who is partially responsible for bringing such fame to MMA is undoubtedly Conor McGregor. He is currently the highest paid athlete and there is always lots of propaganda about new fights.

Who is the next McGregor? Like in other sports, MMA has some involvement in the online casino industry. Here’s how the two worlds are connected.

A Brief Overview

The first and most obvious connection between the two industries is the mind and soul of the athlete, or MMA. Conor McGregor, mentioned earlier, is an avid poker enthusiast and has the power to gamble online.

Plus, they love to bet, and they can bet on themselves. A good example is Floyd Mayweather. When he is going against Connor, he is willing to bet on his victory again.

We have to admit that these people are rich and prefer the luxury setting of coastal casinos. However, they all have smartphones and hobbies, so there is a good chance they will be playing casino games online.

UFC Betting: The Best MMA and UFC Betting Sites Online

One of the most popular sports to gamble on is mixed martial arts (MMA). Bettors may enjoy a choice of UFC betting alternatives thanks to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Bellator helping MMA achieve popular recognition. “Where can I wager on the UFC?” You’re undoubtedly wondering.

If you’re looking for a location to gamble on the UFC, no deposit bonus casinos are a good place to start. These online establishments allow you a chance to try out the casino and games for free before playing for real money. This way, you will not risk any of your own money.

Endorsement Offers in Online Casinos

You’d be hard-pressed to find a celebrity or sportsperson ready to risk being identified with gambling just a few years ago. Today it’s a different story – celebrities no longer keep away from being associated with gambling, but, on the contrary, many even endorse casinos, usually in association with TV and social media advertisements promoting online casinos.

Many celebrities have accepted endorsements from the online gambling industry, but it’s particularly popular amongst sports stars, naturally, due to the fact that most online casino sites also offer sports betting services.

Below is a list of the most popular sports stars associated with online gambling companies.

Mike Tyson

Many people associated him with his ace boxing style and skills, and many admired him from the movie “Hangover.” He is the man behind the best boxers we have in the world right now.

He takes the cake by having his own gaming suite named after him. One of the games is his virtual game, Mike Tyson Virtual Boxing. The game was launched by Betfred in 2016.

Iron Mike won 50 of his 58 contests, including 44 by knockout. It’s only fitting that the former heavyweight world champion be honored with a full slew of knockout casino games.

His boxing talents inspired numerous online casinos, and he was a partner with well-known casinos like 7 Red.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor, the Notorious MMA fighter, recently made news when he was featured in what looked to be an online gambling advertisement. The ad was for the betting business Parimatch.

In the commercial, the former UFC world champion fights a cat, KOs a video game animated Mike Tyson, dresses up as the Joker, and is surrounded by flamingos, gorillas, and crocodiles. The underlying concept appears to be that the firm is not afraid to be distinctive.

To coincide with the introduction of its new website, international betting giant Parimatch has announced MMA star Conor McGregor as its latest brand ambassador.

In July 2018, the Irish boxer inked a two-year personal endorsement contract with the Cyprus-based operator, which also became an official betting and wagering partner of the UFC. McGregor

Tim Barnett

Mobile casino powerhouses Tim Barnett, a budding mixed martial arts star, has struck a hefty sponsorship contract with Fruity King.

Tim Barnett’s clothing will depict Fruity King for the next few years inside the octagon. The long-term sponsorship partnership is one of the most significant in MMA history.

Fruity King’s Marketing Director, James Smith, says,

“We’re ecstatic to have landed one of the most significant commercial partnership arrangements in this fast-growing sport.

Our brand is ambitious and expanding, and we’re thrilled to have Tim Barnett as a sponsor. With MMA gaining massive popularity throughout the world, collaborating with one of the UK’s hottest emerging MMA stars is a bold step for the brand. “

Audrey Harrison

Audley Harrison, a heavyweight boxer from the United Kingdom, has inked a sponsorship agreement with Full Tilt Poker to become a Full Tilt Red Pro. In addition, Harrison donned the Full Tilt logo at live poker events and in his World Title Fight in Manchester versus world champion David “Haymaker” Haye.

Audley has been playing poker for a number of years, with his highest results being $76,895 in a 2007 Bellagio Cup event and $90,298 in a Venetian Deep Stack tournament, where he finished third.

He’s also had some success in Full Tilt Poker’s online poker tournaments. He likes playing in the FTOPS and his best online finish was 13th in the Full Tilt $1 Million Guarantee, but he was upset because he was chip leader for a long time in the event and believed he should have at least made the final table.

He’d set his eyes on earning either the $750k guarantee or the $1 Million guarantee given the fact that he had become a Red Pro.

The Advantages of Celebrity Endorsement of Casinos

With more individuals turning to online casinos, there are certain drawbacks to consider. The benefits and drawbacks of celebrity sponsorship are listed below to help you stand out on the go:


  • Brand Awareness: Online casinos continue to gain popularity. For example, before Dhoni supported Dream11, few people had heard of it.
  • People recall advertisements more often than other sources of media.
  • When a well-known individual promotes an online casino, it is referred to as “superstar status.” People begin to believe and trust them, which leads to the catch: it invites more people to join the casino.


Nowadays, celebrity endorsements are the most prevalent form of marketing for online casinos. It attracts more users to the site. However, prior to signing a deal with any of the influencers, thorough research is required.



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