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The Rising Popularity of MMA Betting

MMA is one of the raising sports worldwide in terms of popularity, with the UFC being the driving force behind this growth. In the past five years, nine UFC events witnessed over 1 million PPV (pay-per-view) deals. That is a gigantic increment, and the numbers continue to rise.

Mixed-martial-arts date back to the old Olympic games in 648 BCE as one of the trainings offered by the Greek armed forces. Be as it may, over time, it has advanced from a game restricted to a select few to a global movement.

From battles among Japanese and Brazilian contenders in the mid-twentieth century, it has advanced into a legitimate industry, with it becoming a worldwide phenomenon in the mid-2000s. In this article, we will get to look at the rising popularity of MMA betting.

The Betting Opportunities in MMA Sports

Placing wagers on standard games like football and athletics does not pose the risk, danger, and rush that’s associated with wagering on MMA games. With the excitement and adrenaline rush it actuates in the fans, it isn’t shocking that punters have taken a wagering interest on it.

This is particularly true as from the mid-2000s when it morphed into the next big thing. It is a game where the dark horse just needs one fortunate shot against their adversary.

Below are factors that have contributed towards the rising popularity of MMA betting.

  1. Mature Odds

The sport is still young in the gambling industry compared to old-time sports like football. However, sportsbook presently seem to completely fine-tune the MMA betting odds as in other games.

Bookmakers are in the business of making money via odds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t track down some worthwhile wagering chances for MMA. There are numerous MMA betting platforms where you can leverage profitable odds.

The odds on who will win a battle may be more precise than a multi bet. Take time to assess the props for an MMA battle to increase your chances of raking in huge winnings.

  1. Availability

MMA sports happen to be a global occurrence. Regardless of your location, you can always tune in to any sports channel to watch MMA matchups in real-time due to technological advancements.

Even without having to buy tickets to attend the event in-person, you can still watch the matches and place your wagers at the comfort of your home. This convenience has seen a lot of people, especially punters take a keen interest in the sport.

With numerous reputable bookmakers offering MMA betting odds, it has become a ready gambling market that needs exploration.

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  1. Attention-Seeking Matchups In MMA

The UFC has mastered the skill of setting up top-tier matches. They understand exactly what it takes to serve MMA fans with premium screentime experiences. We have seen them debut high-profile battles between fierce rivals like Khabib versus Max Holloway or the latest rematch of Conor McGregor versus Dustin Poirier.

By pitting such colossal stars together, the UFC has broken viewership records. This is one of the things that makes the sport so exciting to watch. The sport also presents alluring and lucrative betting chances.

MMA sports are fair to the core, unlike other sports like boxing which is battling serious corruption problems. It’s not uncommon to see the top fighters purposely keeping away from one another to battle mediocre contestants to cushion their record. You might see fighters having a 30-0 record and think highly of them, but in reality, they never battled the best.

That does not occur in the UFC or MMA sports generally. With distinctive MMA regulators such as Bellator, ONE FC, and KSW, a warrior can’t simply jump ship in order to stay away from rivalry.

They are legally committed to battle for a solitary promotion. With a league-like organization, both the players and the fans can tell who the opposition will be in a match.

  1. Proper Marketing and Advertisements

We can’t discuss the ubiquity of the UFC without recognizing the job that Dana White played in taking it to the statures we have seen it reach lately. After he purchased the UFC and took over in 2001, his questionable acts have caused attention and popularity to the MMA niche.

Until 2014, MMA and the UFC remained somewhat downplayed, with the discipline coming up short on the marvelousness, charm and more extensive allure of global boxing. Notwithstanding, the game started to flourish with expanded viewership and rewarding sponsorship bargains.

McGregor has been engaged with a considerable lot of the UFC’s most generative battles, with the most notable one being the Irishman’s unpleasant duel with Khabib Nurmagomedov on October sixth, 2018. Khabib’s extensive fourth-round submission win, which went before a grotesque fight as long-standing pressures bubbled over, procured a noteworthy 2.4 million compensation for every view (PPV) purchase, making UFC 229 the most-watched event ever.

As far as rising above MMA, McGregor has likewise done a lot of good for the UFC by dueling legend Floyd Mayweather in August 2017. From that point forward, an expanding number of punters have flocked into the sport for betting chances as the game’s prominence continues to rise.


Advancements in MMA

Today, mixed-martial-arts are available and popular in different states under different names. Shooto in Japan and Lucha Libre in Mexico allude to one and the same thing. In the US, the “No Hold Barred” rule in MMA means that there is no restriction to hand-to-hand combat matches.

MMA fights can be categorized into two categories:

Stand-up-Fighting. This category entails all fights that one can engage in while standing. That means making moves such as kicks, punches, knee-and-elbow moves, and takedowns.

Ground Fighting. It is precisely the opposite of stand-up fighting, where you are allowed to fight your opponent from the grounds.

The sports present more juice to fans and bettors as players top-up on their skills by learning new moves from other martial arts disciplines. One can have multiple discipline skills from across the MMA styles including Sambo, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, judo, kickboxing, wrestling, and Muay Thai.

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