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The Sport Enterprise: A Student’s Perspective

Sporting has been offering various employment opportunities to different industries. For example, the medical sector is involved because doctors are needed to render first aid to players. While on the other hand, sports teams need uniforms and playing kits, but this doesn’t affect only the most prominent squads or players, students are also involved. 

College and university sports like athletics and baseball have also been turned into a million-dollar industry. What is the impact of the sport enterprise on the entire sporting industry? Here is how it has impacted players and companies involved in this industry.

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Benefits and downside of choosing an athlete in representation for a company’s products

The sport enterprise also comprises of sportspeople being used to endorse products and services. In that way, athletes can increase their revenue and also gain more exposure to the general public.

For example, a health and nutrition company may use athletes to endorse healthy habits of sportsmen and certain products related to that. These endorsements differ; they include athletes becoming direct models on behalf of a certain brand. On the other hand, athletes can get paid to endorse a product by wearing or using it while playing.

The major benefit of doing so for companies is that they can gain more exposure, especially amongst fans of the athlete. However, the negative side would be if the athlete is accused of bad conduct or other scandals that could taint the company image. Also, companies may invest a lot of funds when using this endorsement technique but only reach a handful of people.

Some students can star in sports at a young age and they might not choose to quit school because of its importance. In that case, the students use custom essay service available online to help them with their writing work. EduBirdie is a great option whenever students are playing or endorsing brands and not able to devote time to thesis, dissertation or essay writing.

How athletes and businesses prosper through endorsements

Sports enterprise for students can be very prosperous because when their teams have national recognition.

For example, American football has a lot of college teams that are famous and when brands target students involved, they can kick start their career on a good note. They can get different types of agreements with the companies they are in business with.

When others recognize that they can make a career out of their athleticism, the student’s perspective in sport will change from thereon. Companies may also be shown major support if they target younger players that have a bright future ahead of them.

The support won’t be limited within the school, friends, and family only, but it will be global. One of the best stories is supporting students to avoid nefarious activities by being involved in sports.

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The effect of professional teams on the economy

The entire sports enterprise accounts for many economic matters because of the impact sports teams will have on the community is also considered. When professional teams would like to get public financing for private sports facilities, the relative state or local government must be involved.

Their foremost consideration is creating more jobs with every opportunity arising and before approving the financing for the facility, they need to do the numbers.

The local government considers the attendance rate in the games of that sport to determine how the nearby economy will be boosted. They also think about how many people from out of town regularly travel to watch that sport.

That also affects the student’s perspective on the sports enterprise because they need job opportunities. Lack of it might mean they will be idle after school. The entire sports enterprise image would be tainted in that manner because the entire business model would be unsustainable.

Revenue sharing & salary caps in four of the major sport leagues

Financiers of sports also ensure that there is enough revenue for each sports team to promote fair competition. For example, some teams, due to low revenue, may not have the training equipment others have, which would limit their capabilities.

When companies have access to the same resources, the competition would be fair and any games lost wouldn’t be blamed on poor infrastructure.

Another concept in the sporting industry is salary caps, which refer to regulations that dictate the amount each team can spend on the salaries of players. Although salary caps differ amongst the different leagues, the Major League Baseball field doesn’t have them at all. Other baseball leagues, though, are subject to salary caps and if they overpay players that will incur luxury tax.

The bottom line

The sports enterprise is a great industry for young students, whether they become actively involved in a certain sport or if they take other opportunities. Those opportunities may include being aware of the economic impact of certain teams being in the cities they are based in or being suppliers to those teams. Undoubtedly, the entire sporting industry is well structured and incorporates sustainability.

There is also fair competition in the sporting enterprise with all the regulations being implemented. Athletes can also increase their revenue by being brand models or assist companies in endorsing their products in other ways.

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