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Three top tips for betting on MMA

The popularity of MMA has exploded in recent years. For a long time it was mainly for enthusiasts, long term fans who followed every second of every fight and lived to find some new news about their favourite fighters. Now it has really hit the mainstream with games, with huge pay per view events and superstars with millions of followers on twitter.

Nothing though shows how much a sport has hit the mainstream more than when betting companies sit up and take notice. When the big bookmakers start to offer you the chance to bet on your favourite sport, then you know it has become a legitimately big enterprise. Especially when they offer you the chance to play with your mobile and with a lot of markets to choose from. Some smaller sports might have one or two markets that you can bet on but in MMA there are so many different things offered when a big night is coming. In short bookmakers have noticed just how many people love MMA and have adjusted accordingly.

This ability to bet on MMA has, of course, left a number of people very interested in how they can bet on the sport as well as how they should do it. Unlike many other sports where it is quite obvious, MMA is more nuanced, there are more variables and it can be much harder to work out who is going to win or where the value is in the market.

MMA is not your run of the mill points scoring sport, it is more prone to upsets and to out of the octagon things changing what happens inside. It is a sport which is hard to read, which is, to be honest, is what makes it so wonderfully exciting. The level of competition is just so high that is hard to tell who is going to be the best, especially with new stars joining all the time as the sport continues to grow.

With that in mind, we thought it might be a good idea to give some tips for betting on MMA. These things are not revolutionary, they won’t suddenly win you buckets of money, however they will hopefully help you to understand some key steps to take before wasting your hard earned cash and perhaps winning some money in the process. So here are the top three tips when starting to be on MMA.

MMA betting, betting on MMA

Do your research

Try not to just look at a name you recognize and then bet on that fighter, that is a sure fire way to lose money quickly. A lot of MMA is about the form of the fighters coming into it, how their training has been and the condition they are in. This means you need to read the news, you need to watch the conferences and the weigh ins and you need to keep up with all the latest developments or you are going to be making a blind bet without enough knowledge to make it count. It is very important to be an informed consumer rather than to just wildly bet on people you know. Bookmakers count on people to make rash and silly bets which is why they often offer enticing odds on them, so be smart and be prepared.

Take advantage of different markets

Don’t just bet on the same thing, don’t just bet on a fighter to win as those odds can be pretty poor and are just there for people without much knowledge. Consider betting on the length of the bout, whether it will go all the way, what the method of victory will be or perhaps even how many rounds there will be. There are so many options when betting on MMA that you have to be clever. If you have done your research and see two fighters matching up who usually have long fights then take advantage of it by betting on the fight to last and go the whole way, it’s much better than just betting on who will win.

Start Small

It can be tempting to go in, all guns blazing, and to place lots of bets. To use your knowledge and a slice of beginners luck to make a slew of big bets. The issue is, you learn more the more you bet and at the start you think you know it all when you really do not. So ensure that you take it slow at first, you can always bet a lot later on when you are more confident.

betting on mma

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