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Tristan Connelly Believes He’d Still Be In The UFC If Promotion Came Back To Canada In 2022

Interview with Tristan Connelly above


Tristan Connelly (14-8) discusses his lightweight fight against Xavier Nash (6-5) at BFL 74 on Oct. 12. Tristan also spoke about moving back up to lightweight for this bout, training back home and how he’d still be on the UFC roster had the promotion decided to come back to Canada this year.

“I was probably on the fence (of being released). The fact that they cut me and TJ (Laramie) at the same time, hours within in making the decision that they weren’t coming to (the rumored Toronto UFC card) in September. Actually, within about three hours of that decision, that we got our letters. Obviously, they’re probably holding off for that. Then the Canadian government said they weren’t giving any vaccine exceptions, they cut both of us.”   

BFL 74 fight card:

Dejan Kajić vs. JC Llamas – 175 lbs
Taylor Christopher vs. Mateo Vogel – 145 lbs
Gagan Gill vs. Adam De Freitas – 155 lbs
Ali Wasuk vs. Mitch Strazzella – 135 lbs
Christian Tremayne vs. Jonathan Broad – 155 lbs
Navid Zanganeh vs. Dario Sinagoga – 155 lbs
Tristan Connelly vs. Xavier Nash – 155 lbs
Nic Ouellet vs. Ryan Rohovich – 145 lbs
Austin Batra vs. Caleb Ermine – 155 lbs
Brandon Labrecque vs. Makinde Adeyemi – 145 lbs
Maria Demers vs. Mel Zeman – 135 lbs
Sina Maani vs. David Chen – 125 lbs
Tage Castonguay vs. Connor Manahan – 145 lbs
Harrison Woods vs. Connor Sutton – 175 lbs
Melvin Panganiban vs. Logan Thompson – 145 lbs
Marcus Coward vs. Rizwan Qureshi – 185 lbs
Liam Arthur vs. Jake Freeman – 145 lbs
Mulife Muchali vs. Hunter Clennan – 170 lbs

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