Tyson Fury invites US President Donald Trump to Wilder fight

Tyson Fury invites US President Donald Trump to Wilder fight

Former lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has the biggest fight of his life coming up on December 1 versus WBC champion Deontay Wilder, but Fury still took the time out of his busy training schedule to extend an invite to current US President Donald Trump in this recent interview with TMZ Sports.

“President Trump, I invite you to come down to see the biggest heavyweight fight in the last three decades!” Fury said to TMZ last week.

Also in the interview, Fury admits that he is indeed a fan of the polarizing and often controversial US President and admits that like Trump, he himself is also no stranger to controversy, “he is (controversial) but I’m a very controversial fighter.”

Obviously, President Trump will most likely not be attending the Wilder fight as it would be a major security ordeal and his presence would likely become the focal point of the evening instead of the historic fight taking place between two undefeated, massive champions.

Speaking of controversy, in the interview, Fury also touches on some controversial comments Wilder made about ‘wanting a body on his record’ and Fury’s response was actually quite classy.

“Talk like that is what’s putting boxing in a disrepute. That’s why there’s so many do-gooders out there trying to stop boxing, for your little stupid comments like that,” Fury said. “I think it’s a very stupid comment. You want a body on your record? This is a sport. A gentleman’s sport. May the best man win.”

Fury also added that he will pray for his opponent Deontay Wilder before the fight, showing a lot of class in spite of Wilder’s classless comments.

While Fury’s comments to President Trump about this being the biggest heavyweight fight of the last three decades may be a bit of a stretch, it is still a ‘YUGE’ fight between two of the very best heavyweights competing today.

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