U.S.K.A. - Highlights of a Historical Fight Night in Hamburg, PA

U.S.K.A. – Highlights of a Historical Fight Night in Hamburg, PA

U.S.K.A. – Highlights of a Historical Fight Night in Hamburg, PA

The U.S.K.A. has been one of the top regional kickboxing promotions ranging from amateurs to the pro’s for more than a decade thanks to the mastermind that is Irv Althouse and his newly appointed matchmaker and partner, Jen Heffentrager.

This dynamic duo put years into the making to make history last Saturday, January 28th at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, PA. Not only did this card feature some of the top talent in the region, but the very first female pro Muay Thai to the state of Pennsylvania ever!

In a close main event, Brad Mountain took on and defeated Samlullah Ahmady via split decision. The opening round began abruptly as both fighters wasted no time getting into it exchanging a variety of kicks back and forth varying from Ahmady’s teeps and headkicks which Mountain returned devistating leg kicks. The fighters clinched with little action and Mountain closing the round stalking Ahmady while landing thudding bombs.

Mountain starts the same way he closed the previous round by stalking his foe and throwing heavy punches. Ahmady is still in the fight landing his own peppering shots and taking control in the clinch as both fighters exchanged elbows on the inside. Once seperated, Mountain starts to slow a bit while Ahmady stays on the outside picking his shots to close the round.

To show respect for each other and the sport, both fighters hug it out to start the round and immediately get to work. Both fighters trade punch combos as Ahmady gets fancy with a flying knee and landing solid leg kicks. Mountain maintains to talk his opponent landing randomly, but effectively. Ahmady follows with solid straight punches landing until the distance closes in the clinch. Mountain lands with a flush inside elbow until the action sepearates. Both fighters close the bout exchanging punches with Mountain landing a solid elbow which left Ahmady’s nose bleeding.

The co main event between Brandice Peltier taking on Heather Walker-Leahy was a one sided victory. One fighter left in dominant fashion being Peltier, but taking nothing away from her opponent, as Walker-Leahy was hurt several times but refused to give up.

Peltier came in with more experience to Walker-Leahy whom was making her pro debut. Peltier was the more lengthy fighter as she maintained her distance to stay away from significant damage and land her own precise strikes. Mixing between her straight punch combinations, and leg kicks that cracked like thunder on top of dropping her opponent, it was a clear unanimous 3 rounds in the books for Peltier whom captured her own first pro win.

In the historical first professional female bout in the state of Pennsylvania, Ilhame Rhaffari also utilized her experience to take out Lisa Edinger whom was making her pro debut. When these fighters walked to the ring, the crowd erupted for both of their combantants as well as baring witness to history about to take place. Both fighters had looks to kill seconds before the contest started.

This was a beautiful Thai fight as both fighters utilized fantastic clinch work exchanging knees and elbows, however, with Rhaffari having the technical edge. While Edinger had her moments landing solid punch combinations on the outside of the clinch, most of the fight was spent with Rhaffari controlling her opponent and wearing her down with knees landing to the thighs, mid section as well as her well timed elbows up top. All in all, it was Rhaffari’s fight for the taking as she wins a unanimous decision while making Pennsylvania history.

In one of the most dominating fights of the night, multiple time amateur world champion, and well known amateur kickboxer/MMA fighter, Brima Kamara made his long awaited pro debut against Robert Hoskins making history, himself. Kamara made his pro debut coming full circle as he made his amateur debut for U.S.K.A almost 8 years ago to the date at the same venue.

Kamara didn’t waste any time swarming his opponent with his unique, tricky angles, and range to pick his opponent apart with his solid boxing combinations going from head to vicious body shots hurting Hoskins early. Hoskins made a conscious effort to fight back, but Kamara stayed on him while on the inside, and made sure to fire accurately from the outside with straight shots, keeping Hoskins constantly confused. Kamara maintained a constant pressing pace while dropping Hoskins in the process throughout the fight. In the final round, Kamara set up a beautiful combination landing some solid hooks to the body, leading to his clinching Hoskins head and jumping into a brutal knee to the head putting Hoskins out for the night.

Brima Kamara’s KO victory:

Full card results:


Brad Mountain defeated Samlullah Ahmady via split decision

Brandice Peltier defeated Heather Walker-Leahy via unanimous decision

Ilhame Rhafarri defeated Lisa Edinger via unanimous decision

Brima Kamara defeated Robert Haskins via 3rd round KO

Joel Regignano defeated Giovany Marcado via unanimous decision


(U.S.K.A amateur cruiserweight title bout)
Michael Rakay defeated Josh Ford via unanimous decision

Aaron Rhodes defeated Jonathon Fox via unanimous decision

Stacey Duck defeated Natale Kane via unanimous decision

Grant Swift defeated Daniel Santos via 3rd round TKO

Kevin Chica defeated Darren Bowser via unanimous decision

Mandi Bompensa defeated Marja Kelly via unanimous decision

Complete Photo Gallery below by Lance Stein of LSS Photography