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Tachi 30’s Holt Felkins: “My Goal Is To Be A World Champ” Interviews MMA News 

Tachi 30’s Holt Felkins: “My Goal Is To Be A World Champ”

Tachi 30's Holt Felkins: "My Goal Is To Be A World Champ"

Tachi 30’s Holt Felkins: “My Goal Is To Be A World Champ”

Before top undefeated prospect Holt Felkins makes his highly anticipated pro debut at Tachi Palace 30 on Thursday night in Lemoore, Calif., the former state California state champion sat down with

Do you have a cool story about how you found MMA?

Holt Felkins- “I wouldn’t say it’s a cool story, but I grew up being a smaller kid. I was picked on quite a bit when I was growing up, and even my friends tended to pick on me. It started with boxing, which led to kickboxing, which eventually led to MMA. I would’ve liked to have been in a martial art growing up, and I probably should have. That would’ve made for a more interesting story (laughs).”

What do you think you would be doing, and where would you be, without MMA?

Holt Felkins- “In all honesty, I don’t know but it wouldn’t be very exciting or glamorous (laughs). Probably just school, working a boring job and having a mundane life.”

How do you feel about what you’ve accomplished so far?

Holt Felkins- “You know, there’s always room for more. I did pretty well as an amateur, but it doesn’t make me too excited that I was the amateur champion in California because that’s just amateur. That was something that I wanted to do, and definitely a feather in my cap. But it’s totally different to be a professional fighter, and a high-level professional fighter.”

What are you most proud of?

Holt Felkins- “The finishes — I’m very happy with the amount of finishes I’ve gotten in my career. Even the two fights where I’ve gone to decisions, they’ve been maulings, where I’ve absolutely beaten down my opponent. I’m proud of how dominant I’ve been so far.”

How would you like to be remembered, when it’s all said and done?

Holt Felkins- “I’d like to be remembered as a multiple-time world champion. I would like to win some smaller championships along the way, but my goal is to be a world champ.”

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