UAE Warriors 34 Card To Feature 13 Fights

Photo Credit: UAE Warriors

UAE Warriors 34 Card To Feature 13 Fights

MMA fans around the world wait in anticipation for the upcoming UFC 280 event this weekend but, before that goes down, UFC Fight Pass will also play host to the UAE Warriors 34 card.

It was confirmed that UAE Warriors 34 would take place on October 20th and would be headlined by Amenia’s Martun Mezhulmyan taking on Spaniard Acoidan Duque, as well as Felipe Pereira going up against Azamat Kerefov in the penultimate fight of the evening. Now, with fight week being in full swing, the full UAE Warriors 34 card has been revealed.

The card has 13 fights and features fighters from all around the world.

UAE Warriors 34 Full Card

Martun Mezhulmyan vs. Acoidan Duque [Catchweight Fight – 165lbs]

Felipe Pereira vs. Azamat Kerefov [Bantamweight Fight]

Mohamad Osseili vs. Amir Fazli [Middleweight Fight]

Zhu Rong vs. Felipe Maia [Catchweight Fight – 161lbs]

Handesson Ferreira vs. Ion Surdu [Catchweight Fight – 176lbs]

Artur Zaynukov vs. Sargis Vardanyan [Catchweight Fight – 168lbs]

Ilkhom Nazimov vs. Khazar Rustamov [Featherweight Fight]

Jalal Al Daaja vs. Mark Alcoba [Bantamweight Fight]

Jakhongir Jumaev vs. Dylan Salvador [Lightweight Fight]

Hikaru Yoshino vs. Djamal Rustem [Catchweight Fight – 143lbs]

Zhavohir Imamov vs. Ulan Tamgabaev [Featherweight Fight]

Larissa Carvalho vs. Elin Oberg [Catchweight Fight – 120lbs]

Hussein Salem vs. Arlan Faurillo [Lightweight Fight]


UAE Warriors 34 takes place on Thursday, October 20th.

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