Neil Magny, UFC 250

UFC 250 results: Neil Magny vs. Anthony Rocco Martin

On Saturday night, June 6, the UFC holds its first-ever pay-per-view event inside the Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The promotions’ fifth event during the COVID-19 pandemic, UFC 250 is headlined by double champion Amanda Nunes, who defends her featherweight strap against Felicia Spencer.

The co-main event is a bantamweight clash between former champion Cody Garbrandt and Raphael Assuncao.

Welterweights Neil Magny and Anthony Rocco Martin will clash on the main card.

Magney is fresh off a unanimous decision win against Jingliang Li at UFC 248 on March 7. His victory came after spending 16 months away from cage competition. 

Rocco Martin is 5-1 in his last six UFC outings. He most recently defeated Ramazan Emeev at UFC on ESPN+ 21 in November 2019. 

Here is how the welterweight bout between Neil Magny and Anthony Rocco Martin went down at UFC 250, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.


The two come center early. Magny is on the outside, while Martin is in the center. Magny is circling, on his heels. Martin throws punches and backs up Magny, Martin pins Magny against the cage. Magny able to scramble out and they separate. Martin ducks under and gets the back of Magny. Martin trying to drag Magny down. Martin uses his right leg to try and trip Magny, wrapping Magny’s right leg. Martin stays glued to Magny’s back. Martin lets go of Magny. Magny switches his footwork, eats a right hand. Martin takes a jab from Magny, then closes the distance. Martin works for the under hooks with Magny against the cage. Magny separates, comes forward and eats a jab. Martin takes a leg kick from many and smiles. Magny changes levels and shoots for a takedown. Magny lands an outside leg kick. scores it 10-9 for Rocco Martin


The two meet in the middle of the octagon again. Magny pops Rocco Martin with a jab early. Magny lands a right, followed by a left hand. Martin counters with a right hook as Magny comes in. Magny is on the outside. Martin is checking Magny’s kicks. Martin shoot sin on the legs, lifts and scores the takedown. Magny able to get to his feet, puts Martin against the cage. Martin reverses position, but Magny pushes him off. Magny in the center with Rocco Martin on the outside. Martin looks for a kimura while standing, Magny grabs the leg, but they break loose. Magny still center, has Martin on the outside. Martin gets Magny against the cage again. Magny tries to get under hook, he does and is able to break free. Magny lands a low kick. Magny ends round with pushing Martin against the cage. scores it 10-9 for Magny, 19-19. 


Both fighters come center, Magny is quick to throw a front kick low. Magny taking the center with Martin on the outside. Martin is able to press Magny against the cage, but not for long. Magny lands a right hand as Martin backs up. Magny lands a right and then changes levels. Magny is working for a takedown. Martin defending, trying to revers the position. The two break and Magny comes right back with a jab. Magny is pushing the pace. Magny puts Martin against the cage. Martin is able to reverse the position. The two break free and Magny is landing the jab at will. Magny lands a right hook and presses Martin against the cage. Magny lands a knee as they come out of the clinch. Martin still on the outside, but is able to get Magny against the cage. Magny gets space and comes forward. Both men throwing. Martin lands a right hand, Magny counters. The fight ends in the clinch. scores it 29-28 for Magny.

Official result: Neil Magny def. Anthony Rocco Martin via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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