The Victorium – Episode III Results

The Victorium – Episode III Results

WOW what an upset. Dustin Pague came in as the heavy odds favorite to win and boy did this crowd get a surprise.

D’Juan Owens came in with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Not only did he defeat Pague but he dominated him all three-rounds shocking the crowd.

The other co-main event of the evening with the local fighter making a name for himself when Dusty Shaw choked out Kyle Newsom with 2:15 left in the first round.

Brett Glass Def Jonathon Hughes when he KO Hughes in the 3rd round

Elder Ramos Def Mark Strickland with a 3rd split dec.

Alan Stephenson Def Kenny Gaudreau The ref stopped this one with Stephenson winning by strikes in the 3rd

Josh Brown Def Anthony Horn “Father Time” This by far was one of the best fights of the night. Horn a 50-year old prior service Marine was in the ring banging it out with a man half his age and although he lost it was a very close fight. The fight went into the 3rd round when Brown won by a rear naked choke.

Samir Farid Def Arthur Parker with a rear naked choke in the 2nd round

Ginseng Def Daniel Yeagley in the 2nd round when Yeagley tapped out

Umit Yilmaz Def Steven Wampler in the 1st by a rear naked choke

Ric Humphries Def Roy Sanders in the 1st by way of a reverse triangle

Jojo Stringfield Def Roy Smith 29 sec into the fight with an arm bar

Mahmoud Mohaghegh Def Anthony Tisdale with an unanimous decision on the judges card.

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