Victory Combat Sports Victory 7 At MSG Results – Morales and Taylor Crush Competition

History was made at the Garden Friday night when Victory Combat Sports invaded the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. Victory Combat Sports Victory 7 event Friday night was the first ever MMA event to take place at Madison Square Garden. Over 3,800 roaring fans supporting their fighters as they went to war. Victory Combat Sports put on a terrific show featuring 20 amateur MMA and Muay Thai fights.

The fights took place inside a ring that nearly had everything a fan would want to see all jammed packed into one night. There were submissions, knockouts, draws, decision victories, and an incredible amount of action. Fans couldn’t get enough action as they were pulled out of their seats cheering.

Thomas Doyle and Mike Kelly made history as they were the first ever MMA fight to take place inside Madison Square Garden. The bout wasted little time for the fighters to engage in combat. Kelly handled Doyle in the first round with a takedown and top control. Doyle took the back of Kelly and sunk in a Rear Naked Choke that would force Kelly to tap out. Doyle won the first MMA fight ever at MSG by a Rear Naked Choke in round 1 at 1:45.

The second bout of the evening was an exciting one as Ibrahim Farag slammed Chris Borders through three rounds of the amateur fight. In the first round Farag scored a big head kick then took down Borders. After taking his back he went to work. Borders was taking a pounding on bottom as he fought off a submission attack and suffered a great amount of ground and pound. The highlight of the round was the belly-to-back suplex that had the fans screaming in excitement.

Farag Suplexing Borders

Farag took Borders for a ride twice with huge back suplex. Borders’ face was pouring blood out like a faucet through three rounds. After giving up takedown after takedown throughout the fight, Borders survived the submission attacks and managed to last until the final bell. Farag defeated Borders by unanimous decision.

In another exciting amateur bout, Eric Taylor of Kai Next Level MMA NYC displayed excellent grappling skills and tremendous power as he defeated Bernie Cano of UFC Gym NYC. Taylor went for a takedown early in the fight and after a scramble Cano found himself in top position. Taylor locked in a tight triangle. In an attempt to escape, Cano pulled a rookie mistake of slamming someone whom has him locked in a triangle. After slamming Taylor, Cano made the triangle even tighter and Taylor went to work with hammer fists from his back. Taylor clobbered Cano from his back until the UFC Gym NYC fighter was out cold and the referee stopped the bout. Taylor earned the exciting TKO victory in the first round at 2:21.

Chike Obi and Ariel Abreu put on a thrilling fight for the fans at MSG. These two amateur MMA fighters displayed strong takedowns, solid grappling skills and heavy power punches. Obi came out early scoring a fast takedown. Abreu then scored a takedown of his own and transitioned into full-mount. Obi then reversed his opponent with a roll to take top guard. The round ended with Obi in half guard landing punches.

Round two continued with the great action as Abreu scored a slam to a takedown, moving into side control. Obi gained top and side control where he landed knees to the body from side control. A couple more roll reversals have Abreu inside control then Obi in guard on top. They would continue to wrestle around until the end of the second round.

In the third round the power of Obi showed as he landed a solid left jab ad a flush left hook to knock out Abreu at 0:14. Obi won an exciting fight over Abreu by knockout in the third round at :14.

Katalina “Kick-Kat” Morales did exactly what she told My MMA News reporter Kyle Carroll before the fights. “There will be fireworks” Morales said. “Firework” is what happened when Morales stepped into the ring. Morales appeared to be unstoppable as she attacked Victoria Makarova in the opening moments of the round with a few strikes and a strong takedown.

Morales another product of Kai Next Level MMA NYC scored the hard blast double taking the top position. After Makarova stood back up, Morales took her down once again. From side control she looked for a Kumora. After not being able to finish her opponent with the submission attempt, she went from full mount, where she landed several strikes, to quickly transitioning into a nasty Arm Bar. She earned the submission victory in the first round at 2:03.

Morales is a talented young woman with solid grappling skills and a strong frame. She will be a tough opponent for any foe that steps into the cage against her. Keep an eye on her, as she has a bright future in MMA ahead of her.

In the eighteenth fight of the night, Chad Hernandez battled Anthony Giacchina in a three round war. A fast start to the fight, both fighters showed strong takedown defense early. Giacchina finally earned a takedown and slid into butter guard and eventually back to their feet where they exchanged fists as the round ended.

The second round was full of knees, hard power punches, and another takedown. The two put together an action packed fight that the fans absolutely loved. After three rounds of back and forth action, the bout went to the judges score cards. All three judges saw it as a unanimous decision in favor of Giacchina.

Victory Combat Sports Victory 7 was a historical event with an action packed fight card of amateur MMA and Muay Thai fights. Visit their website for information about their upcoming events.

The full fight card results below.

Thomas Doyle def. Mike Kelly via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1 at 1:45.

Ibrahim Farag def. Chris Borders via Unanimous Decision.

Juan Cortez def. Sam Santiago via TKO in Round 2.

Adam Pakiela def. Hassan Hope via Arm Bar Submission in Round 2 at 1:14.

Stephen Pritchett def. Riko Rivera via Rear Naked Choke in Round 1 at 2:25.

Will Watson def. Chanon Kuldraree via Major Decision.

Gianna Smith def. Gabi Maxwell via Unanimous Decision.

Codie Payne def. Adam Amro via Major Decision.

Eric Taylor def. Bernie Cano via TKO in Round 1 at 2:21.

Jason Van Oijen vs. Paul Banasiak via DRAW.

Jessica Cavagnaro def. Nicole Richiusa via Unanimous Decision.

Chike Obi def. Ariel Abreu via KO in Round 3 at :14.

Erick Castro def. Nick Haines via Unanimous Decision.

Katalina Morales def. Victoria Makarova via Arm Bar Submission in Round 1 at 2:03.

NJ Mac def. Carlos Nunez via Unanimous Decision.

Aaron Sifflet def. Yuting Hong via Arm Bar Submission in Round 1 at 1:11.

Pawel Zawistowski def. Manny Casais via Unanimous Decision.

Anthony Giacchina def. Chad Hernandez via Unanimous Decision.

Ulbino Guzman vs. Stephane Smarthe – DRAW.

Chris Kwiatkowski def. Spencer Grekoski via KO in Round 2.


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