Meet Mickey Gall

Meet Mickey Gall, a 22-year old Rutgers University graduate originally from Green Brook, New Jersey, currently living in Watchung.

He drives a bread truck overnight a few days a week but when he is not making deliveries you can find Gall hard at work in the gym.  Finding out which gym he might be at however is the hard part.  Gall, a seasoned Jiiu-Jitsu practitioner travels to train at several well known academies in the Garden State.mickey2

“I train at Gracie New Jersey, AMA Fight Club and Miller Brothers MMA. And I do strength and conditioning at Beyond Fitness._DSC1862

“I have been training at Gracie New Jersey since I was 16-years old under David Adiv. I’m a purple belt. I train with a bunch of tough jiu jitsu guys over there, Brian O’Leary, Trent “The Destroyer” Seelig, LJ Reboli, Gerry all the Chris’s too many to great people to mention them all.”

UFC fighter Dan Miller, a coach and training partner of Gall’s said “Mickey is an awesome fighter to have around the gym. He’s an excellent training partner who is always willing to do whatever is needed for you if you have a fight coming up. He’s also an excellent student who is willing to learn and put in the hard work needed to improve from day-to-day. I think he definitely has the potential to reach the very highest levels with how good he is already and how hard he works.”

And according to former CFFC flyweight champion and fellow training partner, Sean ‘Shorty Rock’ Santella, “Mickey is a young and upcoming prospect. He has great jiu jitsu, unorhtodox striking and great cardio. He’s working with some of the top guys in the world here at Miller Brothers MMA — Jim and Dan Miller and a lot of other up and comers. He’s a great training partner. He’s always back in the gym right after his fights, making sure that everyone else on the team has the training partners they need to get ready for their own fights.”

MyMMANews – Mickey, you are coming off a win this past Saturday night at World Cagefighting Championships 11 where you defeated Joey Morrison via armbar. You are now 2-0 as an amateur fighter. What’s next for you?_DSC1770

Mickey Gall – “I’m hoping to get one or two more ammy fights in. Then hoping to go pro by the summer. I’m really looking forward to turning pro.”

MyMMANews – As we mentioned, you are still in the amateur system, yet you had the biggest pop there. The crowd went absolutely nuts for you. WCC President Doug Yasinsky told me that he would love to have an entire roster full of fighters like Mickey Gall.   So… did get so popular?

Mickey Gall – “I had a lot of family and friends come out for the fight. I’m a lucky guy I have a lot of great family members and a lot of cool friends and they are very supportive which means so much to me.”

MyMMANews –  Anyone you want to thank?

Mickey Gall – “I would like to thank my mom, dad, my sister Jamie, who is my biggest fan. My family is too big to mention everyone. David Adiv, Trent Seelig, Big Jon Romero, Billy Dee William, Sean ‘Shorty Rock’ Santella, LJ Reboli, Dan and Jim Miller. Everyone at Gracie New Jersey, AMA fight club, Miller Brothers MMA. All of my tremendous friends who came to the fight. WCC for having me. I could go on all day. I also have to thank Coach Don Cioffi of Chamber MMA and Mike Constantino.  Also Big Jon Romero is fighting for the WCC amateur heavyweight title, December 6 in Lancaster.”


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