What's next for Paige VanZant? Rowdy Bec & Randa Markos make case for fight

What’s next for Paige VanZant? Rowdy Bec & Randa Markos make case for fight


‘Rowdy’ Bec Rawlings is looking for a fight, and it is against Paige VanZant who rightfully has a lot of hype around her right now.

Rawlings (6-4) starred on season 20 of the Ultimate Fighter, a show that carries a minimum age requirement of 21 to participate in.  VanZant, 21, was not of age at the time, so the two 115-pounders have yet to clash.

VanZant (6-1) has three wins in the UFC, most recently, a submission victory over Alex Chambers this past weekend at UFC 191.

Rawlings has been sidelined with an injury but has been using social media to hype up a potential fight booking against ’12 Gauge’ upon her return.  “You busy January 17th?” Rawlings tweeted the youngster.


Rowdy Bec says that she can “beat VanZant at her own game,”  “I’ll Eat Her Soul” and lastly “not to believe the hype” that surrounds 12-Gauge who is on track to become the youngest UFC champion in history granted she gets that title fight before she turns 23, the age Jon Jones was when he claimed that recognition.

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The problem however for Rawlings is that she is not the only one looking to spoil VanZant’s recent success.

Another TUF 20 veteran, Randa Markos, is also stating her case.  While Markos hasn’t gone the way of Rawlings and specifically called VanZant out, Markos has consistently retweeted and shared the support of her fans who have suggested the fight.

Also, with VanZant’s recent win, the fighter moved up in the strawweight rankings to the number six spot, while Markos dropped down the list to number seven. Something she took note of.  Currently Rawlings is not ranked at all according to the UFC, something which should probably be looked at.


Markos (5-2) has not fought since April when she defeated Aisling Daly via unanimous decision.

It is not secret that VanZant is the future of the UFC. She is a star that is being groomed by the organization and both Rawlings and Markos have something to gain with the fight.  How many 21 year old non-champions do you know who have their own personal Reebok sponsorship?

For starters, the fight is sure to be on the main card vice preliminaries, regardless if free on TV or on pay-per-view.  That’s a plus for any potential candidate.  More eyes on the fight equal the possibility of greater earnings.  Secondly, a win over the number six ranked VanZant is sure to bring either fighter closer to a potential title shot.

While there is no telling yet who VanZant will fight next, both ladies do make quality matchups with unique styles that would bring a different type of fight to the octagon.  Rawlings, a striker would like to take the fight to VanZant while Markos is an experienced wrestler and would not hesitate to take the fight to the ground.

It will be interesting to see what the UFC matchmakers decide.

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